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Why Christianity Makes Sense Alludes From Lewis Work (Essay Sample)


I already done 2 pages, the main part of the paper. Just make it better. Also, add a starting paragraph and a ending paragraph, according to the spirituality (1 of the 4 echo at the previous pages of the book), MUST connect with 1 echo from those 4 echos, which is spirituality. This book is called simply christian. You can contact me before writing, I will send the body part that I have written and send it to you.


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Human beings have unique traits that define their own morals and behaviors. Wright, (2010), Simply Christian: Why Christianity Makes Sense alludes from Lewis work that human beings are always morally right and show their unique behavior in any case they do not get the moral expectation from others. Thus, there is an existence of moral law (Wright, 2010). A person is said to obey Moral laws when his behaviors are based on standards of right or wrong actions. Therefore, he has good morals when his behaviors are good when he has consciences as a moral responsibility and a moral identity which entails capability to do right or a wrong action. C.S. Lewis says that such people live in harmony with others, relates well with people in a society and to have a good belief which plays crucial role in his behavior.
C.S. Lewis observes that there only the Law of Human Nature can never be taught to human beings. However, the law enables them to have generally acceptable behaviors and morality. This law represents their conscience (Wright, 2010). In addition, he notes that people have difficulties in understanding or realizing this kind of law in the normal life but appears in everywhere of our life. The uniqueness of the Law of Human Nature is that mankind is able to choose whether to obey or disobey the law. However, man can never disobey the Law of Nature. For instance, a human has to obey the gravitation and biological organisms are stipulated by the law of heredity. So we can't choose either to obey or to disobey the law of gravitation, but we can choose either to obey Law of Human Nature or disobey it. As human beings, we cannot obey the Law of H...
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