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How have the Bible and the biblical worldview impacted Law (Essay Sample)

Required: 1. The Gifts of the Jews: How a Tribe of Desert Nomads Changed the Way Everyone Thinks and Feels (Hinges of History) (Paperback) (Abbr: GOJ) ~ Thomas Cahill (Author) · ISBN-10: 0385482493 · ISBN-13: 978-0385482493 2. The Unfolding Drama of the Bible (Paperback) (Abbr: UDB) ~ Bernhard W. Anderson(Author) ISBN-10: 0800635604 ISBN-13: 978-0800635602 3. Reconciling the Bible and Science: A Primer on the Two Books of God (Paperback) (Abbr: RBS) ~ Kirk Blackard (Author), Lynn Mitchell (Author) · ISBN-10: 1439240094 · ISBN-13: 978-1439240090 4. The New Oxford Annotated Bible with the Apocrypha, Augmented Third Edition, College Edition, New Revised Standard Version (Paperback) (Abbr: Bible) · ISBN-10: 0195288831 · ISBN-13: 978-0195288834 5. The Oxford Companion to the Bible (Oxford Companions) (Hardcover) ~ Bruce M. Metzger (Editor), Michael David Coogan (Editor) · ISBN-10: 0195046455 · ISBN-13: 978-0195046458 Page 5 of 5 ESSAY REQUIREMENTS Essays are to be submitted via the course Blackboard Turnitin assignment. Late Papers are counted off 15 points per day starting after due date/time to upload to Blackboard. Early papers welcomed and encouraged. Topic: Using your assigned texts (see Sources section below) construct an essay that explains the relationship between the Bible and your selected topic from the choices listed. You will construct an intellectual discussion of the Bible's impact on modern social/political movements. Regardless of the subject matter, your paper should be the final, succinct result of critical reading and thinking. There is not necessarily a “right” answer, but the answers will be serious and fully informed by the textual materials available to you (including ALL OF THE REQUIRED TEXTS FOR THE COURSE). You should avoid lines of analysis which involve a personal statement of your faith, or lack thereof. Instead, emphasize understanding of ideas and their implications. The paper will be graded for style, form, and content. Content: Your paper should AT MINIMUM discuss the relationship between the subject you have chosen and the Bible. Possible issues to be addresses include the following:  How has the Bible and the biblical worldview impacted the subject in question?  What are the origins of the movement?  Where and how is the issue dealt with in the Bible?  How has the issue or social movement changed over time?  How has the culture, across time, changed things? In your opinion, is this a positive or negative change? Essay Topic Choices Law and the Bible Evolution and the Bible Feminism and the Bible Jung and the Bible Slavery and the Bible Creationism and the Bible Literature and the Bible Science and the Bible Politics and the Bible This is for an undergraduate class. Thank you source..
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How have the Bible and the biblical worldview impacted Law
The biblical worldview was defined by (Tackett, What`s a Christian Worldview, focus on the family) as the situation when the foundation of everything one does or says is based on the infallible Word of God. (Tackett) further defined worldview as the framework used by people in viewing the reality, make sense of life and the world. The biblical worldview has impacted the laws of different countries world wide. (Miller, What does the bible say about the positive influence of the bible in America?) notes that before the influence of Charles Darwin, student taking law were taught from Blackstone`s commentaries of which used the Law of Moses as its foundation. They further note that the students were taught that the Law was universal and does not change and the Law keeps a society in check. The Bible has been used extensively as the basis for law with most the constitutions of all the states in America being based on the Bible. The Bible has influenced the law given that in swearing as either a witness or when taking office, people have to hold the Bible on their right hand and swear to tell the truth or to serve the in the office diligently as noted by (Tackett). In (Genesis 9:6), the Bible writes that if a man killed a fellow, his life would be required. This verse was the basis for the capital punishment as noted by (Time Tracts). They further observed that when capital punishment was abolished, evil men lacked accountability for their deeds.
(Miller) observes that the prior to a case of Roe V. Wade in 1973, the unborn were valued as human beings and anyone who aborted would guilty of murder. This law was based on one of the Ten Commandments which warn against murder. In those early days, the unborn were also considered as humans and abortion was therefore considered as murder. However, (Miller) notes that the society changed this when the influence of the Bible was contested as a basis for law consequently legalizing abortion in some countries. (Miller) further notes that the Bible was the basis for defining adultery, sodomy and formation as crimes punishable by law. George Washington; the first president United States observed that sodomy destroys the moral fabric of a civilized society.
The first books of the Bible are known as the law books since they contain laws given by God to Moses to the Israelites as noted by (Keathley: The law: the first five books). Genesis as pointed out by (Keathley) deals with various facets that law tends to control including marriage, work sin, murder and capitol punishment. Most of the laws are informed by Ten Commandments given to Moses on Mount Sinai by God as documented in (Exodus 20:16)
(Keathley) notes that American law is based on the Bible. He a further points out that there was a research undertaken over a period of ten years at the University of Hou...
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