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Religion, Buddhism and Humanity (Essay Sample)

What are your epistemological and metaphysical beliefs as they relate to Buddhism. In other words, what beliefs do you have regarding Buddhism. Assume you had an Agnostic perspective before studying Buddhism. Have your beliefs about a particular topic remained the same or have they changed due to incorporating new information? Note: This is not a research paper, but rather an opportunity to explore and analytical demonstrate your own philosophical beliefs. - MLA - Double Spaced - No larger than 12 point font - Cite any outside source, maintain a one line maximum per quotation - Works cited page source..
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Religion, Buddhism and Humanity
"If God exists then it is necessarily true that God exists or If God does not exist then it is necessarily true that God does not exist" CITATION Luc83 \l 1033 (Lucey).
Agnostics, theological agnostics for that matter, believe that one ought to withhold judgment concerning the existence of God. Agnostics do have a distinct concept of God and believe that the concept of God is a necessary being. And in this world where different religions arise, it is safe to say that there are different notions of God. Agnostics, theists, and atheists alike accept that God can either exist or not; they do not believe that it is just an accident of history whether or not God exists CITATION Luc83 \l 1033 (Lucey). In the discussion of whether God exists, there is no gray area. Either God exists in every possible world, or he exists in no possible world (Lucey).
In our world, people do believe in Gods. The religions present in our day and age determine that God can exist. Religions have emerged all throughout the world preaching and teaching different ideals toward peace, unity and the existence of God. Even though different religions have flourished, wars, famines and other forms of human degradation can be found. Wars between countries are instigated by different ideals that can be grounded from the physical and mental upbringings of a person that can then affect the way of life of others. This paper will try to rethink my belief toward religion, using the religion of Buddhism as a point of discussion. This paper answers whether my beliefs have changed or have they remained the same after relearning things about religions, specifically Buddhism.
Sanctity of Life pertains to the idea that all human life is equal with each other in terms of intrinsic value. Every human being has the right to choose and the right to live in this world, in accordance to this no other human has the right to dictate your own life. Buddhism is said to be a religion similar to Christianity in terms of looking at the "sanctity of life" CITATION Per96 \l 1033 (Perrett). Some believe that Buddhism does not value human life as an intrinsic good compared to the belief that Buddhism and Christianity are the same (Perrett). Various groups of people consider that Buddhism values human life because being human allows the practice of dharma to the end goal of achieving nirvana, the elimination of suffering. Buddhism teaches that life is not an absolute value to be preserved and emphasize more on the transitoriness of life.
In understanding Buddhism, it is difficult to simply generalize their beliefs in one simple organization because Buddhism has many schools and no central authority on matters of teachings and practices. In the presence of the different schools of Buddhism, there is no clear picture whether there is a consensus of ideas between them. There are significant differences betw...
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