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Argumentative reasoning Psychology Essay Research Paper (Essay Sample)


Assignment Instructions
These are the steps.
Step 1: Write an overview of the main argument. This is the sub-argument that involves the main conclusion and the immediate supporting premise(s).
Step 2: Diagram the macro-structure and micro-structure of the argument with MindMUP. Numbered the claims in your passages if you want to easily refer to each. Export your diagrams and insert them in your paper. Much of step should already be done in that you've already diagrammed the main argument. The example videos go over how to split up the diagram and discuss it.
Step 3: Assess the language of the argument. This will involve noting instances of vagueness, ambiguity, emotional language, rhetorical questions, etc. Do any important terms in the argument need definition? Is there any specialized language that needs defining?
Step 4: Assess the argument's reasoning. Aside from step 2, this is the biggest step. This step involves two sub-steps:
Are the premises are acceptable? This means that you'll be testing every premise of your diagram that does not have an arrow going to it for acceptability. Cite acceptability/unacceptability conditions where relevant.
Does each arrow pass the sufficiency test? This means, for each arrow, you'll ask: Supposing the premise (or premises for the linked case), does that make the conclusion likely enough to accept? Are any fallacies are present?
Step 5: Weigh the strengths and weaknesses of the given argument. You should refer to step 4 to help with this assessment. What are the major weaknesses of the argument? What, if anything, could be done to strengthen the argument?
Be sure to not have one giant blob of text with the steps mixed together. Start a new paragraph (at least) for every step and give the reader (me) signposts for what you're doing (e.g., ``Now that we're done assessing the language of the argument, we'll move on to assessing the argument's reasoning.'').
There are two example pdfs


Argumentative reasoning
Several people have given suggestions that Marijuana should be legalized in the United States (1). One reason as to why marijuana should be legalized lies in respect of the autonomy of the rights and freedom of American citizens (2). According to studies, around 55 million American adults use Marijuana for various purposes, which include around 43% of US college students (Bustamante, n.p) (3). They also suggest that prohibition prevents people in need of this drug from accessing therapeutic marijuana treatment, which ends up impacting minority groups and the susceptible population negatively (4). However, the opponents claim that the risks of legalizing marijuana could outweigh the benefits as it could be a risk to public health and civic disorder (5).
Evaluative Critique

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