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Psychology: Stress Management, Gender Differences, Communication Skills (Essay Sample)


See the attached picture, Im not in psy, so if any questions please feel free to ask

In a society, there are different or a variety of ethnic or cultural groups that exist and live together. This is referred to as cultural diversity. Diversity means different from majority while culture is acceptable behavior in the society based on norms set aside to govern the standards of a society. When it comes to social interaction, for instance, every culture has its standards. In America, when engaging in a conversation, the two parties keep distance and a direct eye contact. This may be different to other cultures; direct eye contact maybe perceived as rude and the distance the two parties stand while engaging in a conversation maybe closer.
Time management is the process through which an individual controls consciously the amount of time spent on certain activities. This is usually to increase productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness. Time is limited because it is fixed. Time management is important in maximizing benefits of the activities. Time management is a subset of certain concepts as attention and project management.
Stress management can be defined as a wide scope of psychotherapies and techniques that aid in decreasing the level of an individual's stress to improve their functionality. It is mostly used to people with chronic stress. Life proves to be difficult and demanding, stress management aids to maintain the well-being of an individual through these hardships. Positive psychology is a scientific study of the thriving of communities and individuals based on their strength. It is supported by the fact that people are ambitious of leading fulfilling and meaningful lives. They want to improve their work, love and play experiences and cultivate what is best in them.
Gender differences are the difference between males and females with biological adaptations of sexually monomorphic, being the core basis. For instance, females express good characteristic in parenthood while males in instrumental. This is shaped by brain function lateralization and hormones. A Healthy relationship is where two people come together and are connected by mutual support, respect, honesty and trust. On the other hand, unhealthy relationships exhibit the opposite of this. For example when the partners ridicule or criticize each other to embarrass or belittle them.
Good communication skills is the abilit...
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