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Say no to cyber-bullying Psychology Essay Research Paper (Essay Sample)


Essay prompt----How can positive psychology further advance a field of interest (or the career you are advancing, such as healthcare), or a need in society (such as nourishing our green environment), or a needin the world (such as positive peacekeeping in the Middle East)? A shortcut to this topic is: “Considering positive psychology’s aim to enhance human flourishing worldwide, how can the field make a significant impact on promoting healthy environments and institutions?” We want you to think big and dream, using empirically-based constructs of positive psychology to support your vision. "
Please use your own language and own thought, use maximum 2 sources, do not quote, only paraphrase if needed.
Rough Essay outline and main points:
--the need in society--a better climate on social media
--Rough thesis---cyberbully is a problem. constructs of positive psych such as Social, communication and empathy skills help prevent and fight cyberbullying and build more self esteem
Things to include:
briefly talk about how cyberbullying becomes prevalent and how is that a problem.
---ways to prevent people from bully: building empathy and compassion through: build better circle of friends (positive relationship ). capability to manage emotions
---ways to help victims cope: build more self esteem through defining your signiture strengths and implement them. communication with friends and family to reduce negative emotions and prevent stress disorder. If in need of help, shouldn't hesitate to go to therapies (mention a little on dialectical behavior therapy), showing appreciation about other things in life to distract your attention from the bad comments.


Say No to Cyber-Bullying
Cyberbullying is a significant problem in the modern-day world. Digital technology has allowed people to acquire or have access to devices that can be used for communication on a global platform. The most common digital device today is the mobile phone. Using a mobile phone, one can take live pictures, videos, or post messages and opinions on social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. However, these digital devices and online platforms have also become tools for bullies. In society, characters are always the same everywhere. Before the emergence of the worldwide web and consequent digital technologies, people used to be bullied at school or in the streets. However, in the present-day, one only has to post something on an online platform to expose themselves to bullies. According to recent research in psychology, cyberbullying can be prevented and controlled by encouraging people to seek other avenues to create friends and help victims cope (Wolke et al. 901). Hence, in this paper, the author discusses how cyberbullying can be prevented and how victims can deal with its effects.

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