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James Marcia's Theory on identity development (Essay Sample)


Study James Marcia's Theory on identity development from Chapter 6 and outside research.
Provide a hypothetical scenario that illustrates what the process of choosing a career might look like for each of the following:
Identity Achievement
Identity Foreclosure
Identify Diffusion
Identity Moratorium
In other words, describe a hypothetical scenario of what the the crisis and commitment process described by James Marcia might look like in a person that completes Identity Achievement in their career choice.
Then describe what the crisis and commitment process in career choice might look like for Identity Diffusion.
Then go on to do the same for Identity Diffusion and for Identity Moratorium.
Ensure that the description of each of the four hypothetical scenarios are at least one paragraph in length.


Professor’s name:
James Marcia’s Theory on Identity Development
As youths or adolescents develops into mature adults, they face various events or circumstances that provoke them into questioning, rethinking, and experiment on a range of roles and life plans to find that which suits them best. The influential events or occurrences in life spark the quest for an identity and psychologist James Marcia refers to them as ‘crisis.’ Crisis in life accounts for the period of exploration that an individual undergoes before expressing personal investment in a particular set of beliefs, values, or goals. Thus, identity development requires a period of exploration that culminates in a commitment to a specific course of action that is integral to defining the self. James Marcia theory of identity development elaborates on the statuses forming the process towards developing an ideological or occupational identity. Developing an occupational identity is equally important to an individual as it forms part of who they are and attributes through which they identify themselves. Marcia’s theory consisting of four statuses, identity diffusion, identity foreclosure, identity moratorium, and identity achievement provides an assessment platform for the development of an occupational identity.

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