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Can Preschooler Learn Academic Skills From TV And Computers Games? (Essay Sample)


Topic: "can preschoolers learn academic skills from TV and computers games?"
Essay should be double spaced pages and written in 12-point font. 5 sources and 2 sources from peer reviewed journals. List sources on reference page.


Can preschooler learn academic skills from TV and computer games
Many parents worry about the effects of television and computer games on their children; children spend their free time playing computer games or prefer watching television. However, time spent playing computer games or watching television can be educational. Electronic games, home computers, and television have assumed an important place in people's lives, especially children (Bentley et al. 717).
The internet and other technologies like TV, computer games consume children's time. That is why electronic media, more so television and computer games have frequently been criticized for their potential impact on preschoolers (Bentley et al. 717). One of the major concerns is how early exposure to such technology can influence children's cognitive development and academic achievements (Bentley et al. 718).
Whether playing computer games or watching television has negative or positive effects have been debated for many years. Children can easily access computers with a large number of children playing computer games frequently. Research studies have debated on the purported negative effects of computer and TV addiction (Durkin, Kevin, et al. 109). Factors like increased aggression and many other health consequences like obesity are some of the main issues highlighted in relation to computer games as compared to the positive effects (Durkin, Kevin, et al.110).
Despite the negative consequences being highlighted, studies have proved that there are several positive effects of playing computer games or watching television, one of them being, acquiring better cognitive skills (Fisch 59). Many popular computer games are designed in a complex way that requires abstract, high levels of thinking and coordination. To win these games, children require skills that are not taught in school (Fisch 87).
For instance, some of the computer games require children to follow specific instructions to solve certain problems to win these games. Such experience will benefit children (Fisch 88). Computer games and television have greater educational intention apart from just entertainment values, games are designed with a specific problem or to teach specific skills(Fisch 89). Therefore, computer games motivate, engage and promote interaction among peers. Children can develop healthy relationships by learning from their peers (Fisch 89).
Preschoolers can learn a lot from television programs, even though children cannot physically visit certain places or see certain things, television helps that explore these places. Movies and children show present amazing footage of nature and animals. Children can understand the world without necessarily visiting these places (Greenfield 23). Ms. Frizzle is one of the popular computer games for preschoolers whereby Ms. Frizzle and her class ta

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