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Nature and safe drinking water (Essay Sample)

Hello, I have an assignment due Monday, December 3rd. The paper should be 3 pages double spaced. I need the paper before 12pm monday. Attached is the guidelines for the assignment and the book required is on www(dot)goodreads(dot)com Book name: The Drinking Water Book: How to Eliminate Harmful Toxins from Your Water by Colin Ingram Link: http://www(dot)goodreads(dot)com/book/show/1542340.The_Drinking_Water_Book writer have to read the opening chapters(1-8) in \\\"The Drinking Water Book\\\" - then decide and write up the following decisions: - where in the world would you like to live (settle down) with an assumed family of your own. - specify the source of water most likely to be available to you. - indicate the kinds of concerns you would have about your water, include how much and what of the following: micro-organisms, minerals and metals, organic chemicals, radioactive substances, additives. - determine how much water you think you would need on an average daily basis for you and your family. - you may wish to separate that into drinking and non-drinking quantities. - Describe the water purification/ filtration system (or systems) that you would employ, and how much it would cost (roughly) for that system. In other words - what level of purity would you require, and what are you able to \\\"live with\\\", and how much would that cost you. source..
Nature and safe drinking water
For any community, the access to safe, clean water and sanitation are two important issues that may determine the health situation and wellbeing of a community or country. Even though, it is commonly known that societies should try hard to achieve this goal, in reality it is a difficult task since water may contain various pollutants pause a health risk to people. Additionally, water may not be health threatening but the use of water might be discomforting to people due to the nature of that water including water that smells. Legal provisions from federal agencies, in various states and various counties call for the provision of safe drinking water to residents. This paper focuses on the potential health benefits and risks for a resident in New York, the cost and best method to purify water in a household.
Water is provided in New York in the form of tapped water to most homes in then city. In essence the drinking water is safe as there are virtually no reported cases of heavy metals like lead. Any contamination in water is thus, likely to occur based on the home location or the plumbing system in particular buildings. Old buildings with leaking pipes may however have lead contamination in the water.
Oversight agencies in the city of New York regularly test the water and report the results on a yearly basis. It can thus be assumed that the water is safe for drinking; generally there are no elevated levels of harmful chemicals and additives in the water system. Nonetheless, the city’s water has high artificial levels of fluoride. Fluorine is artificially added before being piped to homes based on the notion that fluoride lessens the likelihood of tooth decay. There is no conclusive evidence that elevated fluoride level has health benefits on the residents. The water is also chlorinated to kill harmful bacteria. Though, water comes from reservoirs, there is a possib...
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