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Local food (Essay Sample)

Consume a local food and think about it. Reflect upon the experience, then write a two page summary of what you discovered. Address three topics clearly: taste, feasibility, and nutrition. Explain, elaborate and comment on what you have learned, and justify and describe why you think the way you do. Do not just elucidate the benefits of local foods;rather explain why you will/will not consider local foods beyond this course. Discuss how this project might change your diet. Why? Be specific about your food choices. Will this experience cause you to think about where your food comes from? What does the future hold for the local foods movement? Taste: The taste of the food I tried was? I compared my local food the same food from somewhere not local. I tried an amazing recipe for my local food, it was...... I have never thought about the taste of a local food before, now I think...... Feasibility: Eating a local food changed my perspective on the source of foods in my diet by...... I shared my local food experience with (friends, family etc.) and I explained that we were eating this because......and they thought...... I am going to continue to eat this local food because...... I found the cost of this local food to be...... I found the convenience of this local food to be...... Nutrition Eating this local food will help me meet my dietary needs by....... I am going to continue to try to find and request local foods for my diet because... Dieticians, in fact all healthcare providers should support local foods because..... I think I might improve my diet and easting more local foods by..... This paper needs to include a thorough description of taste, and the nutrition contribution of this food needs to be fully explored. This is a link to find a local food in my area. Compare it to a food you would get in a supermarket from far away. http://www(dot)lanefood(dot)org/home.php look at the link "locally grown guide" source..
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Local Food
The local foods that I found worth demonstrating for my nutrition class are berries and apples.
Taste: The taste of berries and apple I found at the grocery stores was crispy and fresh. They tasted better than those shipped from abroad. The apple and berries had an original taste since they were picked recently not more than two days. Ideally, when I compared the apples and berries with the shipped one I figured there was a huge difference. They were directly plucked from the farms before they were bought at the grocery hence possessing an original taste. Needless to say, I have never thought about the taste of fresh apples and berries before, now I think I will purchase more of them. I realized how apples and beetroots have assisted me in maintain proper health because it provides me with a variety of nutrients. Organic apples and berries are GMO- proven and this causes harm to most people. They lack genuine nutrients to fight off diseases.
Feasibility: Eating apples and berries from the grocery has changed my perspective on the source of foods in my diets. I have become keen when it comes to choosing grocery foods as opposed to the shipped foods. Whenever shipped apples and beetroots are delayed they lose their nutritional value and vitality. This is because of the harmful effect of chemicals and other genetically modified substances. This ...
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