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Environmental Sustainability MA scenarios (Essay Sample)

Answer this question pertaining to the attached article - does not need to be in essay form. Can use regular point form if you'd like. Now take any one of the MA scenarios (see Box 6.1 on p. 50) and try applying some of the p. 66 responses to a plausible future wetland/water scenario anywhere in the world except Manitoba. Please share your depiction of this vision. Describe a world 50-100 years in the future through one of these scenarios, and apply some of the responses as best you can. source..
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Environmental Sustainability
Sustainable development is a kind of development that meet the needs of the present without compromising ability of future generation to meet their own needs which covers the idea of the environment, economic and social progress. Our wetland margins and actual areas are the main focus to the sound sustainable environment marginalized between aquatic and terrestrial habitat at place and they form the Riparian environment where great number of organisms inhibit thus recommendation have to be put in place due to the pressure on ecosystem which will increase globally in coming decades unless human attitude and action change and better protection of natural asses to require cognitive effort across all sections as a measure to conserve natural resources.
Through the scenario of Techno garden which depicts a globally connected world relying strongly on environmentally sound technology using highly managed engineered ecosystem to deliver services and taking a proactive approach to manage of ecosystem in an effort to avoid problems. Economic growth is relatively high and accelerated thus in near 50-100 years, this nutshell consideration of the kind of green development, lowest rates of climate change and population size will result in relatively low impacts of coastal wetlands thus this mitigation measure slow down over the long term use will provisionalized the vision of maintaining the marshes, bogs and inland water through the combination of technology sound activities and the ecosystem. Some of the measures to eradicate the continuing impacts not to accelerate to future decades include: for example, the Caribbean TechnoGarden in the early years of the 21st century, the world economy is at a crossroad, the Doha round of trade talks awaits completion, but there is mistrust a...
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