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Environmental sustainability (Essay Sample)

Answer this question pertaining to the attached article - does not need to be in essay form. Can use regular point form if you'd like. How do you think the CEO and Board of a local, regional, or international business (pick one scale) would go about applying one of the 4 MA scenario options? Develop a brief scenario using a particular business or industry type. Consider the tools on p. 22 and discuss how and why your organization would pursue them. Also consider what decision-making challenges the company may struggle with, as well as some implementation hurdles which may be experienced. the question for the health article::Discussion Question: How could we effectively experiment with taking some real action toward addressing chronic ecosystem and/or human health problems - even without fully understanding every detail regarding the nature of a problem or the possible results of our "solution" efforts. Think of an ecosystem problem and/or related health issue and develop the key components of a "pilot" effort to solve the problem. How would you set up this "policy experiment" to a) learn as much as possible; b) potentially solve the problem; and c) ensure that it would not be a public relations disaster if it failed. Thanks! source..
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Environmental sustainability
The CEO and the Board in a local business would apply techno garden MA scenario as follows. For instance, it would encourage the application of green technologies together with ecological economics. In this case, the business would adopt production means which do not bring about carbon dioxide together with other gasses’ emission to atmosphere. This would help in environmental protection because it would minimize global warming occurrences. The application of production ways which protect environment is essential because it supports the realization of sustainable production which ensures that the environment is not negatively influenced by production undertakings (Millennium Ecosystem Assessment 4). The company may experience various challenges during decision-making undertakings such as inability to ensure that gas emission is completely controlled. Industrial operations emit gases which may steer global warming occurrenc...
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