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Journalism: Unexpected Storm Ravaged A University Campus (Essay Sample)


Write a little more than 1 page, approximately 1.5 page but no more than 1.5 page.
Inside the attachment is about a snow storm news report happened in our school (universitu of connecticut). My professor will pretend as Chief for our interviewee, we as the "reporter". The attached clip has four part and is four part of main interview content. Combine the attached picture and the video to report a news report.
The report indicates the order of: casualties, injured peoples, infrastructures damaging level, and rescues of students who are stocked. (will be inside the interview) - Larry Bird's condition (students who are participated in activities during the storms came, it's inside the interview too). Also the place that were crowded ( Library, gym etc. inside the interview too). As those the main contents, and more other content can be add into.
P.S Ignore the pencil writing print on the attached picture, the name of the Chief is called O'Conner.

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15 February 2017
Unexpected storm ravaged a University campus
1 student dead, while 3 otherss injured when a severe and sudden change in weather hit the university earlier this morning. According to the police reports, one unidentified university student died during the event that transpired earlier today. Nothing else is stated except that he is Junior Psychology student from the university. Aside from this, police reports have also stated that, 3 other students who were members of the football team were injured while doing some drills due to the unforeseen event.
It is easily noticeable that the sheer damage that was inflicted from the once serene campus, transformed the grounds and its other facilities into wreckage in simply a matter of minutes. Based from the university report, this unexpected change in weather conditions have broken numerous windows throughout the area, inflicted water damage near the gymnasium, and even left the laboratories not viable for use due to the potential hazardous chemicals that were spilt. Aside from these, the entire campus was al...
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