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Why I Am Not an Environmentalist: Examples Given by the Author (Essay Sample)


Attached is the article "Why I Am Not An Environmentalist" Please read the article and write a two page paper that includes the following information
-What is the article about?
-Find FOUR DIFFERENT examples used in the article
- For each example describe an ecnomic principle that we looked at to show how the principle is applied. These principles include opportunity costs, trade offs, incentives, markets etc, Scarce resources is not a principle. YOU SHOULD USE ONE PRINCIPLE FOR EACH EXAMPLE AND USE EACH PRINCIPLE ONLY ONCE.
-What is the author trying to say?
_What is your opinion.
Due: Thursday, February 15
The assignment can be typed and handed in during class or emailed to me. If emailed it should be as a Word document, if you do not have Word then paste your paper into the body of the text.


“Why I Am Not an Environmentalist”
“Why I am Not an Environmentalist” is an article that tends to differ with some of the activities that are carried out by environmentalists. The author thinks that the environmentalists are dishonest, a trait that the author claims to be the major reason why they have not been successful in their roles. The author also notices that environmentalism goes beyond science; it revolves around doing what is right rather than what one prefers. Before any decision is made regarding the environment there is need to weigh the options available and choose the most appropriate. Although one side will lose at the end of it all a common ground will be found. Taking care of the environment is important because human beings will live longer when the environment is clean.
Examples Given by the Author
The first example that the author has given is that of Jack and Jill where both want to use the same piece of land for different purposes. Jack wants to have his woodland over Jill's parking space. Jill, on the other hand, is determined to get her parking space at the expense of Jack's woodland. In this example of a tradeoff, the author thinks that the decision to be made should be the most favorable (McCright et al., 2015). The gains from the wilderness need to be compared to those that will be attained from the parking before choosing. The author reveals some environmentalists make decisions which are not best for the environment because of the gains they are likely to get at the end. The parking lot, for instance, is o

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