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Data Analysis Proposal Outline. Mathematics & Economics Essay (Essay Sample)


This assignment consists of two parts. Part one is a 1-2 page bulleted outline, 12pt font, single spaced. This outline must specify a detailed overview of the data analysis you intend to complete and how it relates to your specific research question. As part of this, you must provide bullet points stating the publicly available sources (or source) of raw data you intend to analyze, e.g. responses to the Census’s American Community Survey, local population data available from the Census, county employment data from the Census’s County Business Patterns data file, or county wage bill data from the BLS’s Quarterly Census of Employment and Wages. Then, as sub-bullets for each data source, you should list the variables you intend to use from it. Next, you should provide bullets specifying exactly what regression (or other statistical test) you intend to run as your primary regression. Finally, you should provide comments on the validity of the research design, identify your coefficient of interest, and write down the interpretation for this coefficient.
Part two of this assignment is providing evidence that you have successfully downloaded the raw source data you intend to use for your paper. Providing a table of summary statistics from your downloaded data, creating a graph of important variables in your data, or providing some copy-pasted or screenshotted examples of individual lines of data from your dataset suffice for this purpose.
Some useful starting points for finding data online include:,,, www(dot)countyhealthrankings(dot)org,,,, www(dot)bls(dot)gov/cew/, www(dot)census(dot)gov/programs-surveys/cbp/data.html, www(dot)census(dot)gov/data/data-tools.html, and


Question 1: What is your research question?
Do redistribution policies impact income inequality and economic development?
Question 2: Research Design
* Describe your research design in words. What strategy are you implementing?
The relationship between redistribution policies, growth and economic developments based on the idea that the redistribution of income and productive factors including through high taxation of the rich. Human capital is an important productive factor where skilled and unskilled workers earn different wages and sectors with low productivity have lower income per capita. Thus distribution has the potential to reduce income inequality and promote the media income. However, care is exercised as too much taxes on the rich, there is likelihood that there are fewer for the rich to invest even when the redistribution polices have the potential to improve the standards of livings of the poor. Obama’s tax package in 2015/ 2016 in

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