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Closeness Of A Household To The Hydraulic Drilling Sites (Essay Sample)


I will post the materials. And just read the materials from page 22("6 Results") to the end and write a two pages summary of it. ONLY need read page 22 to the end and write two pages summary about it.


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Summary of the Materials (Results)

The test on cross-sectional estimates was to investigate the closeness of a household to the hydraulic drilling sites and their need for groundwater. It also includes an inverse distance to estimate if there was a difference between permitted wells and the hydraulic drilled wells. The results specified that the closer a household was to the site, the higher its property value. However, due to the contact with groundwater, it showed negative and insignificant results, in which the property value decreased because underground water was unfit for consumption. For instance, a PWSA property is 1000 meters away from a well. If the distance increases by a meter, the property's price would decrease by 0.03 percent. Also, these properties that depend on groundwater would continue to make profits because of the wells until the negative effects of the drilling set in.

The property fixed results show similar results with a positive impact on properties in the PWSA areas with a coefficient correlation of -0.0764 and a negative impact on the groundwater areas, which has a correlation of 0.059 percent. The results indicate that even though the lease payments are profitable to the PWSA households, they are not able to avoid the negative effects of the drilling process. There is more impact when cities are not in the picture since the coefficient correlation decreases even further. It shows that hydraulic drilling is

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