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Marsha P. Johnson and Richard Spencer. Two Activist Movements. (Essay Sample)


GW#1 :: Due 11.6
Read the profiles of Marsha P. Johnson and Richard Spencer, central figures of two activist movements.
How are their intentions similar? Different? How do each of them unite their community around trauma?
What are their relationships to Collective Memories? To Imagined Futures?
How would you gauge the success of the activism? Was it ‘effective?’ How? Why?
What is its relationship to Collective Memory? Or Emotional Truth? Or Artifice?
Min 150 words each. Min 2 quotations from each article.
GW#2 :: Due 11.13
Time to become an expert & fight the farce of history. Please begin your research. Read widely, starting with gathering the basics (who, when, what) & moving towards the more analytical (how, why).
Write down a minimum of 3 quotations from at least 2 sources (minimum 6 quotes total)
Describe at least one particular image, scene, event, etc in detail. For example, a particular Adbusters image, or a scene of Edward Snowden in the hotel room in Hong Kong talking to reporters, or the scene of Angela Davis speaking at a particular rally in Berkley, etc.
Min 400 words (including quotations).
The List:
Act Up - AIDS advocacy group
Arab Spring - youth driven revolution across many Middle Eastern countries https://www(dot)nytimes(dot)com/interactive/2016/08/11/magazine/isis-middle-east-arab-spring-fractured-lands.html?_r=0
Black Power Movement - Angela Davis, Stokely Carmichael, & more
Women’s March on Washington - 2017
Stonewall Riots - 1960s LGBTQ uprising
Standing Rock - recent Native American activism
Occupy Wall Street - financial reform - http://www(dot)newyorker(dot)com/magazine/2011/12/05/all-the-angry-people
Women’s Suffrage Parade - 1913
Edward Snowden - protesting surveillance - https://www(dot)wired(dot)com/2014/08/edward-snowden/
Take Back the Night - protesting violence against women - http://www(dot)lamag(dot)com/longform/taking-back-the-night/
Battle of Orgreave - UK miners’ strike, workers' rights
Montgomery Bus Boycott - 1955
Black Lives Matter - 2012-present
March For Our Lives - youth led Gun Control movement
Tea Party - 2000s conservative movement
Adbusters - Corporate America protest
Wikileaks - revealing intelligence secrets, protest through chaos - http://www(dot)newyorker(dot)com/magazine/2010/06/07/no-secrets
Rodney King & the LA riots
Pussy Riot - Russian feminist punk band
White Nationalists
use this for hw1


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Part 1
The two activist movements that include, Power to the People by Marsha P. Johnson and Alt-Right by Richard Spencer has similar intentions of liberating people because of violation of their rights. It was a proper way of voicing for equality of rights of the people to the authority. Johnson says, “I will defend the gay community until we are free from frequent harassment by the police officers.” However, Richard Spencer said, “I will fight for the rights of people regardless of racism, color, and immigration despite the harsh Trump ruling.” The activist movements between Johnson and Spencer differed in away. For instance, Johnson`s demonstration focuses on one group of people, the gay community, while the movement of Spencer liberated a variety of factors including religion, culture, race, and geography.
Furthermore, Power to the People movement was on the ground while Al-Right movement is an online organization. Power to the People movement led to the recognition of sex workers in the country as being a legal act to earn income. It promotes equality of people despite what they do to make a living. Alt-Right, on the other hand, led to respects of all people in the United States regardless of race, region, culture or religion (Harkinson Par. 8).

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