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The Autobiography Essay is for Human Resource (HR/HRM) Classes (Essay Sample)


Note: This essay is for Human Resource (HR/HRM) classes. T 
From the Instructor.
I need to cover the following:
What experiences in your life have been the most important in forming who you are today? Be specific about behaviors and events that have formed you.
What three values or ideas do you hold most dear and why? Reflect on how early childhood formed your values.
As authentically as possible, describe what you think your legacy in life will or should be. For example, imagine you are 20 minutes from taking your dying breath. What do you wish to have contributed or done in this life?
How does your character and upbringing show up in the workplace? For example, how do yopur strengths and weaknesses and overall character affect employees, coworkers, and managers? Be sure to reference the three self-tests which is "Crazy and Busy" articles, "Jung Typology", "Big Five Project Personality Test" and "Value-Sort Activity"
Instructor Instructions.
You do not need to reveal parts of your life that you are not comfortable revealing. Find a way to share your autobiography that protects any details that you are not comfortable sharing. You need to specific and behavioral, avoid writing "I feel strongly about honesty" rather, tell why honesty is important to you and give examples from your life, e.g. "when I was ten my mom make me return a candy bar to the store because I took it without paying. She said that my honor is all I really have in life and if I protect it, people will trust me." This is an essay, so I expect an introduction and a conclusion. Do not simply answer each question.


Student’s Name:
Date of Submission:
The Autobiography
My name is AB and I was born in a small town, Cb in the year xxxx. I am the second born in a family of four. The place I grew up in and the different events that have taken place in my life have had quite a significance in the person I am today. My father a sales and marketing director at his firm was the breadwinner of our family. I quickly learned of the powers that an employer had. these kinds of discussions at the dinner table made me gain the interest of becoming a great businessman of diligence. My father saw to it that we got the best of education there was. I am very proud of him and I owe him almost all the success I have achieved in life up to this point.
Notably both my parents gave me a lot of essential support and knowledgeable lessons that I will forever hold dearly. My father taught me how to be honest, independent and fearless. Following his examples, I got to learn how to be focused on what I chose to do. And to look for solutions for whichever situations I find myself in calmly. My mother, on the other hand, taught me on respect and care to other people. My parents were and still, are my first role models. I got to follow their examples as I tried to be a good person. They taught me all about love and care for others. I would assist my younger sister with her homework every evening and always made sure that my grandparents had everything they needed.
Through participating in the school’s football, I learned a lot of incredible things. The game basically changed my whole attitude and perspective of life. I used to be shy and had quite a low esteem in myself and would turn down any offer I was presented with during my first year as a freshman in high school. Evidently, in joining football, everything about that changed. On the very first day of practice, the team warmed up with a game. As the game was going on however, it dawned on me that I wasn’t as fast as I thought I was and couldn’t escape the defender. I really did not want to catch the ball afraid that it might fall and my team would lose leading to me being blamed or removed from the team on my very first game. That incident made me even more scared throughout my first year of high school. I avoided asking questions in class with the thought that they may be deemed stupid by my classmates as well as the teacher. Anyway, I continued with football practice but went home every day with a heavy mind and physically too tired.
My behavior did not change any sooner for I continued fearing getting a spot in the game as a substitute in cases of an injury or emergency on another player. I couldn’t bring myself to being blamed in the case that we lost a game or I made a mistake while in the field. However, my fears came true when during my middle year in high school I had to play a lot and made those mistakes regarding my position as a backup. Even though most of the mistakes I made were not that important or bad, I was heavily blamed for them during practice.
These events made me even more scared to face my fears. Withal, I did not make mistakes all the time because at times I played a very good game that led to lots of congratulations. As I headed into my final year in school, I got to play even more games and was better at them at the starting positions instead of my usual backups. This builds up my confidence and made me feel like a completely new person.
As a game, football has taught me a lot in life and that includes what one has to do in order to excel. Through the hours and lots of practice, I developed an ethic of working hard. I got to learn how to relate well with people through my teammates and the coach because cooperation in the fi...

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