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4 Steps For Designing An Effective Training Program Management Essay (Essay Sample)


Describe the four steps for designing an effective training program (needs assessment-design-implementation-evaluation). Explain how each step works
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Effective training program
Effective training programs must be developed with specific goals in mind. To achieve these goals, the training programs consist of several critical steps that guide the trainer. The steps are; needs assessment, developing learning objectives, actual training, and evaluation. this article describes each of these steps in detail highlighting its importance to the training program.
Needs assessment
To carry out an effective training program, the trainer must work to fix a particular problem. Training is meant to impart skills and knowledge to the people who are deficient in those skills and knowledge. It is unnecessary and expensive to train people on the things they are good at or do not hinder the productivity and performance of the team. Thus, it is very imperative that the objectives of the training are based on needs of the people who are being trained. Therefore, for every training the trainer must first establish which skills or knowledge is needed by the trainees and develop a training program based on those needs.

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