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Creativity in Teams and Organizations Writing Assignment (Essay Sample)


Essay Question
For your final assignment for this course, you will need to write an essay of at least 1250 words that applies Adrian Brown's characteristics of a creative organization to a new situation.
In your essay, please imagine that you are the founder of a start-up that wants innovation to drive its future and believes that team creativity should be the engine for the organization.
Adrian Brown has identified five characteristics of a creative organization:
Information is free flowing;
New ideas are welcomed;
Good ideas are nurtured;
Risk taking is accepted;
Innovators are rewarded.
Employing Brown's five characteristics, explain how you would enable creativity in your start-up at the team level. Please provide at least two specific ideas or actions for each of the characteristics, (for example, two ideas or actions for "5. Good ideas are nurtured" that advance good ideas in a team-setting).
Successful essays will apply concepts addressed by Brown to a specific (though, perhaps fictional) start-up scenario. This means that you should cite specific ideas from Brown and other course readings (MLA or APA format preferred) and that your essay should have a works cited or references page. You may choose to draw upon additional research or personal experience, in addition to concepts from course readings.
The essay should be double-spaced and submitted as a Microsoft Word file.
Note that essays that do not meet the word count requirement are generally not able to respond to the question in enough specificity or detail to be effective. As a result, essays that do not meet the word count will be failed.


Creativity in Teams and Organizations
To spur creativity in organizations the executives need to support good ideas and the employees ought to access knowledge sources. A climate that encourages creativity and innovation allows employees to take risk and take ownership of their ideas, and in promoting creativity there is also tolerance of mistakes. Creativity in teams and organizations including startups, include: information being free flowing, welcoming new ideas, nurturing good ideas, accepting risk taking and rewarding innovators.
Information is free flowing,
I would encourage the free flow of information allowing the team members to be aware about new developments and ideas. I will support open communication and support joint work sessions to ensure there is free flow of information as this is possible when there are wide-open interactions. Team members are linked because they work on the same projects, and share the workplace culture (Amabile and Pratt 172). Nurturing knowledge the flow of information helps to evaluate ideas and creativity since there is assessment of whether the ideas are useful when there is free flow of information that make it possible to make appropriate decisions.
I will encourage two way flows of information and supporting creativity and innovation requires that information is open and available to the team members and across the functional boundaries. I will emphasize on this, to spur creativity and encourage active seeking of information where responsibilities are shared among the team members. In the absence of free flowing information, there is reluctance among employees share even relevant information for the fear of being judged harshly. When there is free flow of information it is expected that the employees will make new connections between the proposed ideas and application or solutions. In any case, information can stimulate the employees to generate ideas, and this is possible when there is open communication as team members share information directly and even form new ideas. New ideas are welcomed
In the generative organizations, ideas are welcomed rather than being crushed as they are potentially beneficial in solving problems and enhancing an organization

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