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The Budweiser: Direct And Indirect Communication (Essay Sample)


Imagine that you are the CEO of Budweiser. Your major brands (Bud and Bud Light) sales volume has dropped by over 4%, and you must now address your investors (shareholders), imploring them to not abandon ship. Most of them are by now very skeptical of the sustained value of your stock, and are considering selling. If they do sell, your stock price will continue to fall.

Can you stop the trend? Can you create renewed confidence in your brand and your stock?


The Budweiser
1. (A) Communicating to a global audience comes with a number of challenges and they have addressed optimally to make sure that the message is not distorted or misquoted. For Budweiser, this is a strong brand that is not just sold here in the United States but globally. As the communication on the way forward has to capture the various elements of the different markets other than the local one here in the United States. One of the challenges that the message brings up, is with regard to direct and indirect communication. For the western cultures, direct communication is the basis of all modes of passing information (Vashurina). However, this is not the case with other parts of the world such as China. For the Chinese market, the communication protocol demands that, information that considered sensitive is handled with subtle elements of discreteness. There is also the case of accent and fluency which is likely to affect the Mexican and even the Chinese markets. The American accent is quite different from that of the Mexicans and the Chinese, considering the language differences. There is also the fact that, different cultures have different norms and decision making protocols.
B. To resolve these issues there is need to address them separately. In reference to the different approaches of communication, between the American market and the Chinese market, there is need to reduce the level of ambiguity by mentioning the reasons for the changes and then mentioning the facts (Vashurina). This way it trends between indirect and direct communication. The articulation of the accent and fluency of the speech has to be slow enough to allow for understanding. While the element of decision making is going to be explained before the facts and the choices made.
2. Evening to our esteemed customers, this fine morning. I would like to start off by thanking our customers who have held the company and the various brands in high esteem.

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