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You Do Not Know What You've Got Until It's Gone (Essay Sample)


Essay on "You do not know what you've got until it's gone"

Name: Course Code: Date: You do not know what you’ve got until it’s gone Some of the seemingly unimportant things in our lives are very important and we often overlook them while we focus on other things. The importance of some people, objects, parts, components etc is often overlooked because they do not seem to yield big results when compared with others. Our brains often trick us into overlooking their importance and often we pay the price of our ignorance. We can keep on complaining on how they are valueless but once they are no longer there, the reality strikes that necessitates their presence. The Space Shuttle Challenger disaster was caused by an O-ring problem, and the engineers checked and verified that all the other components were perfect before launching the spacecraft. The importance of checking the O-ring before launching was known after the disaster. A small part of rubber was overlooked by the engineers while ensuring the main parts of the spacecraft such as the engine worked properly. However, the minute details they overlooked caused the explosion and loss of human life along with billions of shillings that went into developing the shuttle. One of my friends kept complaining about his step-father. His mother had passed on and he remained with his step-father. His stepfather got hooked to alcoholism after the loss of his wife and often he could sleep in the driveway or get arrested for violence when drunk. My friend kept complaining that his stepfather was embarrassing him. Despite his depression, he always struggled to provide food and shelter for him. However, he was ungrateful and kept complaining about what he did not provide. He compared his step-father with other fathers and often confronted him over his alcoholism. One day, he was run over by a car when he was drunk and he was left on his own. My friend was in college but he could not raise enough money for rent and food. Eventually, he was evicted from their house and had to live on the street. The very man he despised was able to provide for him shelter and other basic needs and he realized his importance when he died. My uncle’s family car was inherited from my grandfather. He had been taking care of it and he had tried his best to maintain it. Though it was old, it was good enough to take my cousins to school each day and pick them up. My eldest cousin, J...
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