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Yojimbo (Essay Sample)

Is this a 'character‟ driven film or is there a plot? Is this film a combination of both character and plot? Support your answer with evidence from the film. cAN I have two full pages this time instead of 1 1/2 THANK YOU. THE TWO SOURCES ARE JUST THE Film Yojimbo, AND THE book in class A Short History of the Movies, Mast and Kawin, Abridged Tenth Edition, Published by Pearson and Longman. ISBN 10:0205665926 source..
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A 1961 Japanese movie, ‘Yojimbo` is a perfect example of a classical martial arts movie filled with savagery and civilization, a loner seeking vengeance, chivalrous actions undertaken selflessly and a climatic face-off between the villain and hero. A critical analysis of the film leads to the conclusion that it was more star driven than plot driven.
This view is held since, the plot was developed around the martial talents of the main star or actor, in this case Toshirô Mifune known as "Sanjuro Kuwabatake" in ‘Yojimbo`. This is in light of the fact that each of the scenes acted by the character, are based on the fighting sequence that feature the main actor`s martial talents. From the first scene, the audience is introduced to the character`s fighting prowesses depicted by his chivalrous, lone and vengeful actions. Sanjuro the lone samurai stumbles upon a tavern, where he hears of the town`s crime structure, which does not encourage him to leave, as the tavern owner intended, but gives him a motive to stay. This presents the first gallant and b...
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