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WRT102.21 Researched Argument Essay: Immigration Crisis (Essay Sample)


My topic is Immigration Crisis. Please check the outline and use the resources that I provide.


Weihao Huang
Research Argument Essay
Word count:1385
April 25, 2019
Immigration Crisis
According to President Trump of the United States, there is a invasion of their country by illegal aliens who possibly include a dangerous gang of MS-13 members, and the Middle East citizens who come with Jihadists ideology to destroy their country. The school of thought supported by President Trump, and other adherents are opposed to wide-spread immigration (Molloy). The notion of driving such advocates state that immigrants erode their culture; they come with crimes, terrorism, rape, unemployment among the citizens and other social evils. Accordingly, supporters to such dogmas posit that the interests of their citizens must come first, and the enforcement of immigration policies which includes deportation. In the US, President Trump is calling for the building of a wall across the southern border between US and Mexico (BBC News). Trump states that the country is being invaded by an attack of aliens, a notion which has been made it worse by a bunch of immigrants coming through Mexico. Accordingly, President Trump declared a national emergency to build a wall by using the military funds to prevent illegal immigration. They stated that the wall will prevent people from crossing the border and reducing spendings to Federal border agents. In Europe, particularly the European Union, the case is similar. There are people who are traveling through the Mediterranean Sea via Southern Europe, and they include people seeking shelters and economic immigrants (Geddes 144). Most of people who at time are called refugees come from Africa, while others come from Muslim to majority the Middle East. Germany and Italy have been forced to accept such large groups of immigrants, but in the recent past, there has been a sharp opposition to their intake in Europe. Angela Merkel has survived her reelection by a whisker after the opposition rally their messaging around opposition to immigration. (Geddes 85)
In contrast, there are some leading characters who argue that immigration is healthy for a nation as it brings diversity and richness culture. It also has a significant contribution to the country's economy as well as higher education. In the US, the popular argument is that America is a nation of immigrants and its greatness is standing on diversity. These adherents to the school of thought posit for open borders and immigrants to be given a chance to showcase their talents (Robbins 55). In my opinion, I think the benefits of immigration come before its evils and therefore immigration is a positive thing to the United States of America.
Between 1880 and 1920, America developed to become a world giant in agriculture and industrialization. This success owes much to the 23.5 million immigrants into the country who brought with their ability of entrepreneur, technical skills as well as hard labor (Sequeira 30). This period of immigration was the largest ever witness in the history of the United States of America. This wave of immigration was drawn from other parts of the world, unlike the previous immigration. This brought different religions and languages to the country. This third big immigrant wave brought a few advantages to the country which includes increased economy of cities, higher incomes, a decrease in poverty levels and unemployment also increase the country's educational achievement. The industrial revolution owes much of its success to immigrants who provided cheap labor (Sequeira 30). It’s take off and sustenance were partly successful because of the large amounts of labor which was given by the immigrants. It is well-documented by historians that a majority of the producing workforce were immigrants. For instance, in the 1880s fifty-seven percent...

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