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Divorce Can Fracture Families and Have Adverse Effects on Children (Essay Sample)


exploratory essay of 4 pages in which you narrate in first-person, chronological order the evolution through time of your thinking about an issue or problem. Rather than state a thesis or claim, begin with a question or problem. Then describe your inquiry process as you worked your way through sources or different views.When you cite the sources you have considered, be sure to use attributive tags so that the reader can distinguish between your own ideas and those of the sources you have summarized. If you use research sources, use MLA documentation for citing ideas and quotations and for creating a Works Cited at the end. 12pt font. 1 inch margins. page numbers.


Divorce Can Fracture Families and Have Adverse Effects on Children
According to Aktar (138), divorce is the termination of a marriage contract between men and women by a legislature act or judgment in the court of law. Marriage is the foundation of the family. Thus, broken marriages iterate to broken families, and the impact of the drastic change in the unit affects all the members of the unit, including children. Although the kids in a broken family neither divorce each other nor their parents, they become the victims of circumstances of the pre, process, and post impacts of the action. Divorce disrupts the child-rearing process in the affected families, and the children have to adapt and cope with the new and different settings and lifestyles initiated by the fracture. Aktar (138) argues that the stability of a family is the foundation block for children to progress in life, and the separation of parents deprives kids of the privilege resulting in less success and happiness through their childhood to adulthood. Although some children going through the hardship of divorce can be successful, the kids growing in stable families with both parents seem to outweigh their capabilities. Hence, divorce fractures families, resulting in both short and long-term negatives effects on the affected children.

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