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Hegemonic Elitism and Globalization Literature & Language Essay (Essay Sample)


1. Naomi Klein, “Hot Money: How Free Market Fundamentalism Helped Overheat
the Planet.”
2. Karen Ho, “Biographies of Hegemony.”
Your previous essay asked you to consider the struggle between institutional and people power in the context of the climate crisis. Karen Ho’s essay argues that “hegemonic elitism” underlies the predominance of institutions like Wall Street, which maintains global capitalism (163). Similarly, Klein argues that the hegemony of global capital has obstructed the development of alternative models for energy production and consumption, the same institutions that encourage and perpetuate the “culture of smartness” which Ho shows to be systemically pervasive. For your second essay, use Klein and Ho to analyze how "profit accumulation" and "global prowess" are reinforced both culturally and institutionally.
Thinking Questions
How does Ho's “hegemonic elitism” broaden your understanding of Klein's critique of globalization?
How does the selective “culture of smartness” play a role in systemic social inequality?
How does each author demonstrate the idea that "the financial is cultural through and through?"

3- page rough draft is due in hard copy 2/12. Final drafts will be due 2/17 by 12 pm. (submit via Canvas)
Required Formatting for final drafts:
5 stapled, double-spaced pages, 1-inch margins, 12-pt. font. MLA format (Your headers, page numbers, and quotations should be formatted properly. See The Keys for Writers).
And can just write a brift outline for the essay, like one thesis and 4 topic sentence about the essay that you wirte , and don't compare two essays by analysis writers, you should think about the prompt, and do not use the other souces except the souces that i gave to you.


Analytical Writing Rubric 2□ Articulates original, complex, and specific thesis in essay’s opening □ Confidently acknowledges and incorporates essay’s broader stakes and implications □ May embrace and incorporate questions that complicate or challenge thesis to refine overarching claimB+
Articulates original, independent thesis in essay’s opening □ Advances conceptually complex interpretive position □ Begins to acknowledge essay’s broader stakes and implicationsRatings C+
Evidence of emerging independent thesis, but not clearly articulated in essay’s opening □ Takes interpretive position at least once, and begins to sustain that position throughout essay □ Thesis may be implicit or underdeveloped□ Takes interpretive position at least once □ Thesis may be imprecise or general □ Thesis may emerge at end of essay following discussion of textual evidenceNP
No thesis in evidence □ Emerging thesis may be overwhelmed by summary, paraphrase, or generalization □ Lacks meaningful connection between texts and emerging thesis □ Demonstrates insufficient revision from rough draft to final draftCriteria
□ Articulates thesis in essay’s opening □ Advances clear interpretive position □ Thesis may be conceptually limited or developed in a repetitive way□ Confidently close-reads textual evidence to arrive at original interpretive insights □ Clear sense that essay contributes to ongoing intellectual conversation □ May employ unanticipated interpretive contexts to make textual connectionsB+
Engages a variety of textual evidence with confidence and authority □ Cites texts to both support and complicate or refine thesis □ Exhibits willingness to take interpretive risks when close-reading and making connectionsB
Engages a variety of textual evidence
Cites texts to provide support for thesis □ Takes some interpretive risks when closereading and making connectionsC+
Includes several moments of close-reading and uses adequate textual evidence □ Begins to engage more complicated ideas in texts □ Connections made within a text or between texts may be implicit or underdeveloped□ Makes effort to close-read at least once □ Accurate reading comprehension and appropriate use of textual evidence □ Begins to make valid connections within a text or between textsNP
Little or no evidence of close-reading □ Miscomprehends or misinterprets texts □ Overgeneralizes about texts □ Privileges writer’s opinions, anecdotes, or extraneous materialWorks With
Texts□ Compelling progressive development of thesis throughout paragraphs □ Transitions confidently communicate relations between essay’s multiple parts □ Deliberate and effective use of topic sentences and other structural “signposts”B+
Consistent progressive development of thesis throughout paragraphs □ Effective use of topic sentences and transitions □ May begin to incorporate explicit structural "signposts”B
Progressive development of thesis throughout paragraphs □ Structure of essay is deliberate and logical
Clear effort to use topic sentences and transitions throughoutC+
Accurate sense of purpose and conventions of a paragraph □ Begins to exhibit progressive development of thesis throughout paragraphs □ Topic sentences and transitions begin to emerge, but may be underdeveloped or inconsistently employed□ Basic sense of purpose and conventions of a paragraph □ Progressive development between paragraphs may be implicit or unclear □ Some paragraphs may begin to exhibit emerging topic sentencesNP
Inaccurate or unclear sense of purpose and conventions of a paragraph
Minimal or no progressive development between paragraphs □ Employs few or no topic sentences □ May rely on "five-paragraph essay” modelStructural
Exhibits evidence of proofreading □ Includes few citational and/or formatting errors □ May exhibit eloquent prose styleC/NP
Exhibits little or no evidence of proofreading □ Syntactical or semantic errors consistently impede meaning □ Inadequate or missing citation of sourcesPresentation


Professor’s Name:
Due Date:
Hegemonic Elitism and Globalization
Today, everyone in school desires to get a good job with a good salary and to fit right in with the current crop of the employed. It is easy to blame students with such desires because their goals appear to coincide with the current status quo. However, it is crucial to consider the influences of the society towards the independent choices and decisions students are making today. It is widely and loudly said that those who are cut from a different clothe make it in life today. These people are the ones running the world and spearhead the capitalistic approach to life. Karen Ho’s essay titled Biographies of Hegemony: The Culture of Smartness and the Recruitment and Construction of Investment Bankers speaks to the current propagation of a society that only has room for the smart. As the article indicates, these individuals are made to think that they are the only ones capable and gifted enough to run the world. However, as Naomi Klein indicates, these individuals often have led to the creation of a corrupt society that only focuses on profits. Klein notes that these individuals while working for predominant institutions in Wall Street, seem to be the main obstruction towards the development of alternative models for energy production and consumption. But, having already been surrounded by rhetoric that reinforces this group’s elitist status, the world is left at a disadvantage. So, while combining the ideas of Klein and Karen Ho, this article seeks to showcase that the ideas of profit accumulation and global prowess are reinforced culturally and institutionally.

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