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World Religions (Essay Sample)

This assignment is worth 10% of the final mark. It is based on key terminologies discussed in the First Chapter, Religious Responses. It is to be formatted in the style on an essay no shorter than 400 words and no longer than 600 words. As with the final essay, this assignement will be in the style of a research paper; therefore, a minimum of two sources will be required. Sources and citations are to follow the MLA format. Topics: 1. Discuss key concepts of the Materialistic Perspective in relation to the understanding of religion from one of the following perspectives: Ludwig Feuerbach, Sigmund Freud, or Karl Marx. 2. Discuss the key concepts of the Functional Perspectives. 3. Explain how the Ultimate Reality can be understood through its two main faces: immanent and transcendent. 4. Discuss the roles of Agnoticism in modern-day religious and cultural understandings. 5. Discuss the differences and/or commonalities between the aspects of Worship: rituals, sacraments, prayers, and spiritual practices. (Examples from one religion may be used) source..
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World Religions
Marx's analysis also known as the materialistic perspective was later advanced to the idea of language materialism which was manipulated by Hegel's assertion that actuality has to be analyzed dialectically (Brodd & Sobolewski 43). Hegel considered that the course of individual history is exemplified in the progress from the scrappy to the entire and the actual which was as well a faction en route for better judiciousness. Occasionally, Hegel clarifies this developmental recounting of the unlimited engrosses slow, developmental buildup though sometimes it needs sporadic, radical hurdles episodic turmoil against the obtainable status quo. Hegel for instance stoutly countered the antique foundation of lawful slavery that was proficient in the United States throughout his generation, and he predicted an instance when Christian states would fundamentally get rid of it from their evolution (Masuzawa, 56).
Although Marx agreed to this extensive formation of account, Hegel used to be an optimist, so Marx needed to amend dialectics in terms of materialism by writing that Hegelianism placed the faction of realism on its cranium yet again it was essential to place it ahead its base. Philosophy of Hegel lingered and still lingers in unswerving antagonism to Marxism on the same major point. Christian religion is the venture to build a logical scheme of Christian faith and carry out based principally upon the passages in the Old and New Testament of the Bible in addition to the historic civilization of the truthful (Brodd & Sobolewski 75). Christian theologians draw on lucid scrutiny, biblical exegesis and case to elucidate, scan, comprehend, explain,...
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