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WonderWomen. Pedagogical agenda of each tale. Essay (Essay Sample)


I will attach all the requirments in the files, contact me if you have any questions at any time, thank you
each paragraph needs a topic stence(eg, carter use this to power the woman) introducing the topic.
Talk about the title of each story as well


Guidelines for writing a good essay 
  1) You must have a thesis statement. The thesis statement presents the argument of your essay. 
 2) Each paragraph should have a topic sentence. The topic sentence presents the argument of the paragraph. 
 3) Transitions from sentence to sentence and paragraph to paragraph should be clear and compelling. 
 4) Your essay should be clear, well considered, and make specific references to the texts analyzed. You must include page numbers and bibliographic references to the texts cited. Indicate direct citations from the texts by using quotation marks or block quotes. Include a “Works Cited” list. 
 5) Your essay should engage the texts analyzed in their complexity.  
6) Your sentences should make sense! Read your essay aloud, and ask whether you understand what you’re saying. 
 7) Be concise and precise!  
8) Avoid repetition! 
 9) You are not expected to do outside research for this assignment. If you do use other people’s ideas or language, you must document your sources appropriately! Failure to do so will result in a failing grade. 
 10) Your essay should have an engaging title.  
 11) Grab the reader’s interest in the opening paragraph of your essay, and maintain this interest throughout your essay. 
 12) Use present tense for writing about literature or theoretical texts.  
13) Do not be wedded to the 5-paragraph essay format! Use as many paragraphs as you need to develop your argument completely and convincingly. 
 14) Be sure to include your name. Single-space any header material (Name, course #, date, etc.), or include this info on a separate cover sheet. Include page numbers on your essay.  
15) Proofread!     


Course Code:
Wonder woman
Pedagogical agenda of each tale
Fairy tales have a pedagogical significance. They teach moral lessons and, in some cases, inculcate cultural values. These moral values are mostly designed to teach the audience who are mostly children the norms of the society. These literary pieces reflect the norms of the society. However, some of these lessons, and cultural values have become outdated as they were coined in a different era. As society evolves, some their cultural values also evolve and the literature also changes. One of the issues that has continually been broken down is gender equality and the expectations of each gender. In the past, the society was more patriarchal but it has become more equitable for all genders. This has also been reflected in literature through three tales authored by Angela’s the company of wolves, Tanith Lee’s Wolfland and Grimm’s’ little red cap.

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