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Women in Law Enforcement Field (Essay Sample)

I dont need an introduction or a conclusion because this page will be included in my paper.I need some information about the history of females entering the law enforcement field and also reasons why the field should have female officers.i would also like examples of how unequal the process (police academy) is for females due to physical strength and how that should change source..
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Women in Law Enforcement Field
Law enforcement field was earlier known to be dominated by males only but later women started joining in the field. People found it to be males work and thought that no woman would fit in for the job. When the first woman police staff officer Dorothy Peto was sworn in, there were problems in maintaining order and affability in public places. For this reason there was need of urgent solution to have more police officers to assist in keeping law and order (Metropolitan Women Police Association Para 2).
Joining of women in the law field can be dated back in 20th century and was influenced by the concern over slave trafficking which was by then very high at the initial stage of the First World War. At first it seemed strange but later became an opening for women to participate in the male dominant field. Women volunteered to work for part time as Women Police Volunteers (WPV) which then changed to Women Police Service (WPS) and later became Women’s Auxiliary Service (WAS). These women were working on helping the new employed men who could not join the military and they also assisted on office work while men kept on patrolling (Metropolitan Women Police Association Para 4).
In United States women were hired to help with office work which was to guard and oversee the imprisoned women and juveniles. Also women were employed as a reimbursement when their husbands dies in the line of duty. Later some city leaders found that there was a need of shielding the moral safety of young women and...
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