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Wk 5 - Pitch Treatment - Kurt Vonnegut Literature & Language Essay (Essay Sample)


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Wk 5 - Pitch Treatment

Top of Form

Bottom of Form


Top of Form

Recent books and movies have reimagined the lives of historical figures such as Edgar Allan Poe and Abraham Lincoln as crime fighters who battle, respectively, serial killers and vampires. Write a proposal for a movie treatment based on a fictional reimagining of the life of Kurt Vonnegut. 


Write a 1- to 2-page treatment that includes the following: 


  • An introduction to key characters in your proposed movie: The characters you create should demonstrate your knowledge of standard character types found in this era of science fiction. 
  • A summary of your proposed movie's storyline: Your story should include at least one historical, cultural, or political element associated with your selected author's works or life. Additionally, provide a theme in your summary that is commonly found in contemporary science fiction.
  • In addition to your character and story summaries, write a paragraph that discusses your selected author's influence on popular culture.


Cite at least two references. 

Format your paper consistent with MLA guidelines.


Reading Material on next page.



LIT/410: Literature of the Fantastic

Contemporary Science Fiction

  • Campbell, J. (2009). Kill the bugger: "Ender's game" and the question of heteronormativity. Science Fiction Studies, 36(3), 490-507.
  • Fitting, P. (1983). Reality as ideological construct: A reading of five novels by Philip K. Dick. Science Fiction Studies, 10(2), 219-236.
  • Grant, G. (1990). Transcendence through detournement in William Gibson's neuromancer. Science Fiction Studies, 17(1), 41-49.
  • Hartmann, D. (2009). Space construction as cultural practice: Reading William Gibson's Neuromancer with respect to postmodern concepts of space. Spatial Practices: An Interdisciplinary Series In Cultural History, Geography & Literature, 9, 9275-9
  • Holland-Toll, L. J. (2004). From disturbance to comfort zone: Cross-generic strategies in Dean R. Koontz. Journal of Popular Culture, 37(4), 662-682.
  • Simpson, J. (2004). "This promising of great secrets": Literature, ideas, and the (re)invention of reality in Kurt Vonnegut's God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater, Slaughterhouse-Five, and Breakfast of Champions or ... Critique, 45(3), 261-271.
  • Zaki, H. M. (1990). Utopia, dystopia, and ideology in the science fiction of Octavia Butler. Science Fiction Studies, 17(2), 239-251.

Optional Suggested Reading:

  • Butler, O. E. (2005/2006). The Book of Martha. Obsidian III, 44-60.


  • NBD Television Limited (1992). New Literary Form: Cyberpunk (03:14) [Video file] in Brave New Worlds: The Science Fiction Phenomenon, Films on Demand.


Bottom of Form



Pitch Treatment: Kurt Vonnegut
Introduction to Key Characters
The key characters in the proposed movie include as follows:
Protagonist: Kurt Vonnegut is the protagonist in the proposed science fiction. He is kind-hearted and peace-lovers. He has command on creating intricate digital devices and adapting them to the emerging needs.
Antagonist. Gravedigger, a British tyrant, is the antagonist in the movie. He is callous in his manners and aggressive in his advances and responses. He is easily provoked and unsettled.
Other characters: Other characters are ‘flat’ as they do not undergo any dynamic change throughout the movie. These characters include the subject of Gravedigger that comprises two factions: one supporting war and another peace. These characters have a complementary role in the movie. Then, there is the force of aliens whose leader, Rock, is similar to Gravedigger to a significant extent. He is also easily enraged and driven into conflicts.

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