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Wk 4 Discussion - Science Fiction: Intersection of Human Knowledge (Essay Sample)


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Wk 4 Discussion - Intersection of Human Knowledge and Destruction

Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words: 


Science fiction often serves as a way for authors to address how advances in human knowledge intersect with humanity’s destructive impulses. Cold War writers such as Theodore Sturgeon dealt with the theme of the nightmare of nuclear fallout in stories such as “Thunder and Roses.” How would you characterize the writing of science fiction authors who deal with this intersection? Do you think their work is hopeful or negative? Is their work less black-and-white and more gray? Explain with examples. 



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Science Fiction: The Intersection of Knowledge and Destruction
Several movies and works of literature have been published to relate science fiction to knowledge to realities. Some authors portray hopeful ideas while others show destruction through science fiction. Personally, creators generally use the combination of both where they initially introduce despair that will ultimately end in exultation.
Max Brooks illustrated his ideas of positivity and negativity in his 2006 novel entitled, World War Z. Here, the world was covered with horror after an unknown disease has inflicted millions of people worldwide at an extraordinarily fast rate. The protagonist in the story has sacrificed his time with his family and himself. In the end, on the premise of the critically ill or unhealthy individuals are not noticed by the

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