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Win/Lose. Presidential Elections. Literature & Language Essay (Essay Sample)


Assignment: What current, controversial issue around engages you to take a stand? After reflecting upon the assigned essays and performing library research, write a 2-4 page MLA-compliant essay arguing a specific issue around gender.
Thesis: Your thesis statement will assert clearly the issue you are arguing and why you believe as you do. (Some argumentative thesis statements include the opponent's views, especially in a dependent clause. You may use a counterargument with refutation, but it is not required in this essay.)
Evidence: To build your argument, use at least two quotes from our in class readings, as well as two references (quote or paraphrasing) you find outside of class in your research work. Your essay should include counterargument, which you will rebut within your essay. Your works cited page will include a minimum of 4 citations. (2 in class, 2 out of class)
Notes: Since this is an argumentative essay, do not use "I" in this essay unless, in addition to your research, your evidence includes a personal anecdote. Your primary audience consists of your instructor and other ESL students.
Winning isn't everything by Michael W. Austin Ph.D.
Why I Won't Let My Daughter Watch Most Disney Movies。 by Jamie Stinson
Consider these questions:
What does it mean to win or lose?
Which is more important to win or to enjoy an experience?
Does life always have to be a win/lose outcome?
How does society teach this concept to us?
How does having a winner and loser mentality in life help or hurt us as a society?
How significant is this to our society?


Professor’s Name:
Presidential Elections
According to the CITATION Mer182 \l 1033 (Merriam Webster) dictionary, to win is ‘to get possession of by effort or fortune; to obtain by work: earn.’ Paradoxically, to lose is not a direct opposite of winning, rather CITATION Mer183 \l 1033 (Merriam Webster)defines to lose as to ‘suffer deprivation.’ These definitions are among others, but they are closest to the subject of this article. When someone wins, individuals/candidates have obtained the desired result through work. However, when individuals/candidates don’t get the desired result through work, they have not necessarily lost but gained another result which they may not have desired but received anyway. The undesired result may not be a loss depending on how you interpret it. Therefore, winning and losing is a matter of perspective and both are beneficial depending on how they are approached. 

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