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Why Juveniles Should Not Be Charged as Adults Law Essay (Essay Sample)


Paper must be done in MLA style with four cited sources. Topic is Why juveniles should not be charged as adults
}The theme of the paper is why juveniles should not be tried as adults and must include four sources


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Why Juveniles Should Not Be Charged as Adults
During the 1700s, there were no differential laws in the United States criminal justice system for juveniles and adults (Scialabba np). This meant that children as young as seven years old were charged and sentenced in adult criminal courts. As there were no distinctions to be made between age, sex, and mental illness offenders, jail and prison populations were mixed with adult criminals and juveniles causing many problems. The realization of issues of mixing young and adult offenders led to the establishment of the New York House of Refuge by the Society for the Prevention of Juvenile Delinquency in 1825 (Scialabba np). The idea of establishing juvenile institutions was to educate and rehabilitate young offenders and directly address the root cause of juvenile delinquency: a lack of moral standards and education. However, according to Scialabba (np), the 1970s and 1980s witnessed increased violent crimes from young offenders and the government became “tough on crime.” Consequently, sweeping reforms in many states made it seamless for juveniles to be charged in adult courts. The laws were also more punitive and inappropriate for juvenile offenders. In a broad perspective, Daugherty (np) observes that the laws and systems that have permitted juveniles to be tried in adult criminal justice systems epitomize a departure from the conventional understanding of the juvenile justice, which is to serve a child’s best interests. An increasing amount of research now shows the failures of the adult criminal justice system in meeting the demands of juvenile offenders beginning from the trial stage to incarceration and offender re-entry (Daugherty np). Juveniles should not be charged as adults as this approach encourages recidivism, rearrests and fails to address deterrence; exposes juveniles to poor environments with adult criminals; and the tactic of being “tough on crime” further introduces new challenges.

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