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Why does J.K. Rowling choose Dursleys to represent muggles? (Essay Sample)

Does J.K. Rowling make the muggle world attractive? No. For example, Dursleys Why does she do this? Why does she choose Dursleys to represent muggles? source..
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Why does J.K. Rowlings Choose Dursleys to represent Muggles?
J.K. Rowlings derives the term muggles from the English word "mug," which means easily fooled. Thus, she proceeds to state that she transformed it to "muggles" from "mug," as it seems gentler (, 200l). J.K. Rowling had a clear reason why the Dursleys were fit to represent muggles. In the first Harry Potter book, Rowlings, in her first chapter in the book explains that Harry Potters uncle finds himself in a stupor situation, when he is referred to a "muggle" by some old man in a violet cloak. Despite this, Harry`s uncle, Mr. Dursley grunts as the old man stumbles and almost falls to the ground.
However, he does not seems upset about almost being knocked down too; hence, only recognizes that the old man is wearing a violet cloak, a few minutes after the incident happens. On the contrary, Mr. Dursley`s face is covered with a wide smile - while asking the old man not to be apologetic. He tells this man in a profound voice, which causes a stare to the passersby. He goes on to inform the old man that nothing could upset him on that day!
On the other hand, the old man informs him that he should rejoice. He also tells him that muggles like him should be in a celebrating mood on that very day, which was covered with happiness. Irrespective of that, the old man hugs Mr. Dursley, and walks away. This event makes Mr. Dursley very astonished; having hugged by someone he considers to be a stranger. Moreover, having remembered that the old man referred to him as a muggle, he has nothing to care about what the old man meant, and thus, ignores it. This implies the true form of how muggles are easily fooled, yet having the guts to ignore anything that is unworthy before them.
She derived the name Dursley from an English town named Gloucestershire, England. The reason behind this is that she found the name to be dull and forbidding as well (The Harry Potter Lexicon, 2011). Since Muggles meant someone who could easily be fooled, J.K...
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