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Midterm: Question 1: Why does Descartes insist there is no analogy between walking and thinking? (Essay Sample)

<< please follow these instructions >> Write an essay about these issues each of the three Equestion answer it like essay. Address them in any order or format you prefer. Use any text and sources you deem relevant. I upload 2 Doucuments first page read it all and the second page where is the three Questions must to be answers the Question answering essay answers. source..
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Question 1: Why does Descartes insist there is no analogy between walking and thinking?
Descartes addresses the modern philosophy by analyzing the means by which it is appropriate to distinguish between the modern philosophies from the medieval philosophy. According to Descartes the medieval philosophy had always been characterized by the use of the platonic and the Aristotelian philosophies and this was in the characterization of the biblical revelation. The modern science is a philosophy of the manifesto that bears the spirit that has given rise to the science that began in the refinance hence the resemblance of the method. Descartes philosophy is based upon the principal of his discourse on the method and the meditation on the first philosophy (Bob, 2006). In the discourse method there Descartes set forth a method that was used to do philosophy. Descartes rejected the philosophical method of scholasticism and saw a need for it replacement. According to the explanation of Descartes he explains from three knowledge of philosophy that one cannot explain the difference in the philosophical success from the differences in the native ability.
The question set forth is on Descartes view on the issue of walking and talking and he insists there is no analogy between the two. The view of Descartes on philosophy is clear where he establishes the right method of evaluation and he explains that he had the concerns that the human beings who had the ability to make rational thoughts argued and made different judgments. According to Descartes thinking capacity of human beings had different measures and there was the possibility of any human being capable of thinking making rational decisions. The thinking of any human being is different from walking from the philosophical view of Descartes due to the fact that there is no way the walking of a person can define their thinking.
The science of mind dualism there is an assumption that is made on the state of the mind and the mental phenomena in this case are in some of the respects non physical. The issue is more concentrated in the relationship between the state of the mind and the physical status in the mind body probl...
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