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Citizenship - Athlete is a person who involves himself or herself in athletics (Essay Sample)

Write about any athlete who has had a positive or negative influence. Essay has to have 5 paragraphs: Intro, 3 body paragraphs, and conclusion. Each paragraph should include at least 5-8 sentences. source..
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Athlete is a person who involves himself or herself in athletics. These sports involve field events, tracks, cross country, long distance running, race walking and road running. Mostly these persons participate more often in the field of sports. Athletes are generally known to be individuals who possess the natural or acquired traits from training such as agility, strength, and endurance that are necessary for physical exercise or sports, and which are mostly performed in competitive contexts. We have many athletes around the globe who have been world champions and even today they are still world Olympic champions. These individuals some have been the best role models envied by many and with great influence while others have had very bad influence to the people. One of them is a world Olympic champion Usain Bolt who has had a very impressive record in marathons. Usain Bolt is a Jamaican citizen who was born in Jamaica and has a very positive influence to all different ages and classes of people. He has won a couple of gold medals continuously.
Through the many charitable works that Usain Bolt has started and is still doing to have had a great impact to the growing youngsters? At one time he donated hi three signed pairs of his signature gold shoes to be auctioned in order to raise funds to benefit the New York based Jamaican charity, Children of Jamaica Outreach [COJO] Inc. COJO, has been funding programs that aids children who are in need in Jamaica and United States in their institutions like Alpha Boys’ home, Marigold Child Care Centre and Jamaica Queens YMCA and Leaf of Life to name a few (Farley Para 5). It has also been hosting gala in New York City every year to raise funds for scholarships for students.
Usain Bolt has lately been noted donating his pair of autographed running spikes to a British child who is a cancer victim and have his leg amputated. This has had a great help to this child in improving his life. He has also engaged himself in a charity cricket match to raise funds to buy equipments for school sport wears in his country. He works so hard to eradicate poverty in his home country Jamaica by helping the poor and taking the children to school where he raises their fees and other basic needs in order to facilitate a smooth learning atmosphere (Farley Para 7).
Mr. Bolt has been providing funds to build learning institutions in his country and equipping them with the best learning equipments, and then he organizes the campa...
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