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What makes a great teacher (Essay Sample)

feel free to use personal examples Notes : this is where you weigh in on the "great teacher" debate For this project write an essay in which you define the phrase " good teacher" or " great teacher" Feel free to use personal examples. Also remember you are writing for an acidemic aduience and they value objectives, and reasonings, examples and unbiased , education tone. 12 point font times new roman. source..
Date: 03, March 2010.
Makes a Great Teacher
There are teachers who usually work for hours on their lessons, but some of them ends up failing terribly. On the other hand, there are those whom, when given only five minutes before they walk into glance over their materials, they would run a class for about an hour on any topic that is under the sun. it is true that, exceptional teachers are identified through observation them, observing their students, reading their lesson plans, as well as talking to them about their methods and believes of teaching. This paper defines the great teacher objectively.
It has been shown that, great teachers in most cases aims higher for their students. In most cases they are seen looking for alternative ways of improving their effectiveness. The best example is when Farr called up teachers who by that time were making gains that would be termed as remarkable, and requested to visit their class, his observation was that, all of them had similar responses. “They’d say, ‘you are welcome to come, but I have to warn you, I am in the middle of blowing up my classroom structure, and changing my reading workshop.” (Amanda 6). This was based on the fact that, the strategy and method they were using was not working as it is supposed to. When such s statement is repeatedly said by one teacher and the other, but others never give such warnings, then that forms the hypothesis of who among them is the great teacher. Studies have concluded that, great teachers will always reevaluate what they are doing.
Another thing about superstar teachers is that, they all posses four other tendencies in common. They will enthusiastically recruit students as well as their families into the process. On top of this, they will always maintain their concentration on all the things they will be doing, to ensure that it contributes to the learning of the student. Another thing is that, they will always plan purposefully as well as exhaustively, for the day that will follow, by working backward from the desired outcome. They will also work relentlessly, as they will never surrender to the combined menaces of poverty, budgetary, as well as bureaucracy shortfalls.
Great teachers are always in a position of asking them selves why things were moving in such a direction, or why things were happening the way they are. As a result, they can be considered as having a willingness to reflect. They will always admit to the reason that made things go bad, as it is due to what they are doing, other putting the blame to the students as to what they are doing. They usually belief and understand that, in most cases, things go right because of what students were able to bring on the table, not because of teachers’ lesson plans which might be considered as being bronze. The teaching profession needs a willingness to cast a critical eye on the teaching practices, it pedagogy, as well as teachers’ ...
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