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Ways Students Prepare For Exams: Long-Term Preparation (Essay Sample)


Write three classifications, every paragraph write one, also with a sample to support. Use how much time student spend on preparing exam, as basis for division. Use some simple vocabularies. freshmen level


Students have their own different ways of preparing for the exams and time is the main thing that brings the difference in the preparation. There are the students who start thinking about examination from the beginning of the course and thus become very aggressive with what they are taught by their lecturers. They also tend to be all ears during lessons, update their notes and also revise them. The other type of students will only start serious preparation after they have seen an examination timetable out hence they realize that they have to cover a lot over a short period of time.
Long-term preparation.
This is the kind of preparation whereby students start thinking of the exams as early as the beginning of the course. They, therefore, manage their time and the resources provided effectively to prepare for tithe following are ways in which long-term preparations are made; the students are always attentive in all lessons and ensure that they attend most of the lessons for the better understanding of the concepts taught. They also update their notes to the latter and revise them regularly so as to familiarize with the concept.
They read to understand their notes because they have enough time for their preparation. They, therefore, don't cram the concept because cramming will make them take a lot of information at once that's it's impossible to memorize it all. They also ensure that they make short notes from the class notes for easy revision. They purchase the revision books that are necessary for the revision and research too. In case the student fails to understand a certain concept to the level of expectation, he or she looks for extra time for consultation with the teacher.
The students will also manage their time as follows; they will fill out their weekly study planner. That is they download from online and use it as a guide in their revision activities. Another way is also that they make use of short study times. The short study times are like fifteen minutes to thirty minutes. This short time study can only be done when the student is very punctual and organized so as to create those extra minutes for the revision.
The students also don't study for longer periods of more than fifty minutes without taking even a small break. This enables them to concentrate fully and sustain the concepts they have read unlike taking longer periods that will make them get tired and forget everything they have learned. Students also tend to assess themselves and discover their most active

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