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Walt Whitman (Essay Sample)

45. Compare Whitman with the Fireside Poets (Longfellow, Whittier, Holmes). What makes Whitman seem so revolutionary? Refer to several poems to support your comments. Discuss Whitman's own view of Transcendentalist thought. 46. Discuss the effect of Whitman's cataloging in a poem of your choice source..
Comparison of Whitman and Fireside Poets (Longfellow, Holmes, Whittier) Whitman is a renowned poet and can be matched with the Fireside poets who are also great authors of various works of poetry. However, Whitman`s experiences in life shaped his ability unlike the Fireside bunch that had had formal education and training in different fields. For instance, Wadsworth Longfellow started as a linguist professional (Olivier 112) in Spanish, Italian, French and German institutes. John Whittier Greenleaf is a renowned American poet and abolitionist. He was learned and trained journalist as to the traditions of Quaker that upheld piety, pacifism, simplicity, piety and social consciousness. He was a committed antislavery icon throughout his practice as poet and social life and regard. Olivier Holmes was physician and professor at Harvard University. He taught anatomy and physiology. He wrote many articles and journals on travel, epidemiology, psychology, as well as literature, and hundreds of other short stories that contained both humor and critic (Olivier 198). Whitman, like Fireside Poets, bares transcendentalist and revolutionary sensations that prioritized the inclusion of thought and philosophy in daily life of the society. This is evident in the poems he wrote that guided society towards upholding fervent democratic practices which also supported responsible and self reliance in American citizens (Olivier 98). For instance, in ‘Song of Myself` the poet extensively reasons in depth and length on issues of belief which significantly affected transcendental thoughts and practices by passionate comments ‘I celebrate myself, and sing myself`. Besides, it is vital to note that the self is undoubtedly isolated and therefore requires being involved in ...
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