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Visual, Outline, and Definitions. Literature & Language Essay (Essay Sample)


Visual, Outline, and 3 Definitions: PROJECT due by 2/13
Visual, Outline, and Definitions
Basic Requirements (and note: due by Thurs. 2/13 by 11:59 PM)
Format: Memo heading
Length: Probably about four pages, label sections (don’t start new documents for each section; save this as one document). Double-space the text elements.
1. One complete visual for your final report
2. List of the paper’s main points in order (an informal outline of your final report)
3. Three technical definitions
4. A Works Cited or References Page for all sources used in this assignment
1. Visual for a Technical Report
Follow these instructions provided by my colleague Eva Payne:

1. Prepare a draft of one visual for inclusion in your report. See this example: GoodVisual.docx GoodVisual.docx - Alternative Formats
2. Write one well-developed paragraph that introduces the visual, refers to its label (Table 1 or Figure 1--figures are visuals that are not tables) and explains its significance. You may change the number for your final report)
3. Write a descriptive heading (title) for your visual – center it over the visual
4. Identify the source of the information appearing in the visual – this source should also appear in your bibliography using MLA or APA style documentation for this citation.
2. Topic Sentence Outline
By this point, you should have a very clear idea of your paper’s intended thesis. Please review your sources for the information you’ll use to support that thesis. Think carefully about first-level headings and secondary headings you might use in your report to organize that information. Please provide a list of those points in an order you find logical. For instance, if I were writing that paper on Duane Webber as DB Cooper, my list might look like this:
(see sample below:)
Thesis: Duane Webber was DB Cooper

The Physical Evidence
Webber looked just like the FBI’s composite drawing of Cooper
Webber's wife found a beige bank bag belonging to him; it looked just like the one the FBI delivered Cooper's money in.
She also found a ticket from PDX to SeaTac for the same time Cooper took his flight.

Webber mumbled in his sleep about “aft stairs”--Cooper had escaped using the aft stairs.
Webber told his wife and friend about the buried money (a boy found some of it on the Col. R.'s edge).
He confessed on his death bed that he was Cooper.
Fit the FBI Profile
Webber served time in the NW for forgery and burglary.
He had a military background.
In WWII, he was a paratrooper.

Conclusion: Though the evidence for Webber being Cooper is largely circumstantial, it’s compelling, causing many, including the lead investigator for the FBI’s case, to conclude he was the culprit.
3. Technical Definitions (read below, and see sample)
1. Parenthetical definition
2. Sentence definition
3. Extended definition

Parenthetical Definition
A parenthetical definition is a very brief explanation of a term used within your sentence. It appears immediately after the term in parentheses.
Here's an example:
1. The CIA worked with Mujahedeen (tribal fighters opposing the Soviet occupation) (Calhoun).
Sentence Definition
Sentence definitions are from one-three sentences.
Here's an example:
1. According to Ron Colantino, Gradall company owner, a Gradall is an excavator not unlike a backhoe since it can be track-mounted, has a large bucket at the end of an extended arm, and holds a cab located at the top of the machine for the operator. Unlike a backhoe, however, a Gradall has the unique feature of a telescopic arm that works much like a human wrist, allowing the bucket to turn from side to side as well as up and down. This enables a Gradall to dig ditches and slopes much more quickly than standard excavators because the operator can dig at any angle for the entire length of the arm without repositioning the machine (Colantino).
Extended Definition
Extended definitions can be several sentences or an entire report (if the thesis asserts a definition that’s debatable). They tend to use one or a combination of the following techniques:
• Description
• Illustration
• Comparison and/or contrast
• Analogy
• Analysis
Here’s one shorter example:
The Fine Art of Italian Pastry describes a sfogliatelle as an Italian breakfast pastry originating from Naples. The term itself means “many leaves.” “Leaves,” in this case, refers to paper pages. This name is appropriate given the outside of the pastry consists of layers upon layers of crisp, almost phyllo-like dough formed into the shape of a sea shell. Pastry chefs brush shortening or butter between each layer, making them seem almost fried after baking. The pastry crackles and flakes apart when tasters bite into it. Most sfogliatelle are filled with a ricotta-based custard flavored with orange rind or candied citron (DeLesartis 121).
4. Works Cited or References Page

See an Example 'A' IN ATTACHMENT


Subject: Rates Youth Incarceration in Adult Prisons
[Extended] – Youth Incarceration
Youth incarceration refers to the imprisonment of people of underage. The youth may be detained while awaiting trial or committed for a particular period as they wait for a long-term care program. The number of youths being incarcerated in adult jails instead of juvenile detention centers has increased over the years (Troilo). The Prison Policy Initiative (PPI) reported that at least one in every ten detained youths are incarcerated in adult facilities. In certain states across the United States, youth aged seventeen years are automatically prosecuted as adults. It has also been noted that certain crimes automatically qualify for adult prosecution, and other states give courts discretion to either prosecute youths as adults or juveniles. Other states have policies “once an adult, always an adult policy.” These policies were framed to ensure that individuals under the age of eighteen with a previous prosecution as an adult will be treated like an adult in their future cases. When youths are prosecuted under the Juvenile Justice System, they can get chances to undergo community-based rehabilitation programs or stay in juvenile detention centers (Troilo).

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