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Wk 2-The Views on Kingship. Literature & Language Essay (Essay Sample)


Please see instructions and reading materials attached. Another source the professor provided is the movie Olivier's Henry V which can be viewed here:
University of Phoenix Material 
The Views on Kingship
Option 2: Shakespeare’s Writings
Resource: Week Two Readings
see attached documents from the following text book:
The Necessary Shakespeare
4th Edition
David Bevington
Research how Shakespeare included history but focused on the private passions of the titular characters, especially Richard III, and write a 700- to 1,050-word paper discussing the following:
Compare Shakespeare’s different portrayals of Richard III and Henry V.
Why were the two kings portrayed so differently?
What Elizabethan politics, if any, were involved in the way these kings were portrayed?
Format your assignment consistent with MLA style 


The Views on Kingship
Shakespeare is famous for his creative art in both poetries, plays, and other short story writings. He was an excellent user of imagery that created a vision of scenes to the minds of the reader that made his stories interesting. Most of his plays and poetry expressed realism to that ancient society and rulings. His characters played a central role in both the theme and general portrayal of behaviors in different people in different positions. This discussion narrows down on how Shakespeare included history in his work but focused on the private passions of the titular characters, especially Richard III, and Henry V.

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