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Veterans' Health Care: Describing Particulars, Significance Of The Research (Essay Sample)


Veterans' Health Care 


Student's Name
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Veterans' Healthcare
Research Question
Veterans who leave duty are faced with many health challenges. These challenges are for example mental health problems which are as a result of the harsh living conditions in the line of duty and sometimes extremely traumatic experiences that they have to go through when on duty. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is one of the common illnesses that the veterans have. It is as a result of the feeling of being haunted due to the experiences that they had to go through. The veterans have serious needs that have been discussed. Mental health problems make them have a hard time to live. Reforms on the healthcare of the veterans have been made with an aim of ensuring that they are able to access mental healthcare easily. However, there are some problems with the mental healthcare system that consequently results in their death.
In this research, I will research on the factors that affect the Veterans' Healthcare reforms to try formulating some ways that can be used to solve these challenges. The Veterans require serious healthcare so as to help them survive after leaving their duties and also to help them re-integrate with the society.The research question for this research will be, how problems in the Veteran's healthcare program affects the health of the veterans in the U.S.A.
Describing Particulars
The general audience of inquiry for this research includes the close family and friends of the veterans. The reason for researching them is because they are the people close to the veterans and they are the ones who take care of the veterans hence making observations on how the veterans are proceeding with their lives after leaving duty. The academic audience of inquiry for the researched includes the healthcare providers in the organizations that offer veteran healthcare. They have more details on the health of the veterans.
The method to be used in answering the research question is by the u

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