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The Value of Conquering Fear Writing Assignment Paper (Essay Sample)



1. What is the biggest fear you have?                     

2.Everyone has things they fear of.                     

3.You can chose run away from it or try to overcome it, but either way it'll be in front of you someday.

Thesis statement: By conquering fears you can go beyond yourself, and be stronger than you thought you are.
Body one:Main point: Many of your fear things are not that bad as in your imaging.Details: a. People afarid of water can swim better.b. People have fear of height can go skydive.c. Sleeping in the dark were the biggest fear for many kids.
Body two:Main point: Once you conquered your fear, it won't be a problem to you anymore.Details: Use details in body one.
Body three:Main point: Conquering fears makes you know yourself better.a. Fearing is because of unknown as well as afarid of sleeping in the dark.b. Trying to think about why you afraid of certain things may help you to find the solution.         c. Then you understand many other fears are just like these you just conquered, so you'll be less afraid because it isn't unknown to you anymore.


The Value of Conquering Fear
One of my biggest fears is sleeping alone in the dark. I tend to freak out just by imagining what would happen to me if I find myself sleeping alone in a room with no light. Almost everybody tends to fear things that will or may happen to them such as looking old, being alone, getting cancer or dying. Similarly, people fear activities they have to do such as learning to drive, making decisions, passing exams and making a public speech. It is fear of unable to cope with things that fundamentally affect almost everybody (Mental Health Foundation). People worry about things that might happen because they think they may not be able to cope with certain situations. However, people should not let fear affect their daily lives and must face it head on because whether they run away from it or overcome it, it is inevitable they will encounter it someday. Overcoming fear now is the only sure way to conquer it in future.
Most of the things people are afraid of never happen and those few that occur, people are in a better position to handle them better than they expected (Mental Health Foundation). As such, it is apparent that a higher percentage of what people worry about is not much more than the fearful mind punishing them with misconceptions and exaggerations. It has been proven that what people fear most could be the things they can perform better (Mental Health Foundation). For instance, many people afraid of water can swim better, and individuals with fear of height could be the best divers

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