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Intercultural Understanding SISU 130 Assignment (Essay Sample)


Intercultural Understanding SISU 130

Homework Assignment,

Week 2

A. Warrick



Read the first 3 paragraphs from the assigned reading, and answer the following:


1. What are 3 examples in history of trying to convert people who are culturally different from the majority?




2. Can you think of any examples from your own culture?




After reading page 2 of the assigned readings, answer the following:

3. How many cultures do you know objectively (studied its history, art, listened to music from the culture, etc…)? Describe and explain in at least 3 sentences:








4. How many cultures do you have a subjective understanding of—understand everyday behavior and thinking? Describe and explain in at least 3 sentences:










After reading about generalization distributions, answer the following:

9. What group do you identify with, as primarily forming your patterns of behavior and thinking—is it your nationality, or another group (gender/sexual orientation, religious belief, profession)? If there is more than one list them in order of influence in your life and write down one core belief from that identity group. Write your answers by restating the question and answer in complete sentences, for example: “The group with which I identify most closely is my national group. I was born in the US and feel that the American culture has formed my patterns of behavior and my way of thinking to a great degree. I notice that I evaluate things in terms of “American” values, like the right to freedom, equality, independence, the rights and responsibilities of the individual and my need to secure success and realize the American Dream. Secondly, I think my gender has informed my patterns of behavior and thinking. Some of the perceptions I have about justice and fairness, have been formed through my experience as a woman. I feel that when I react to stimuli or perceive events or the responses of others, I see it first through American eyes, and then through the filter of my gender--- my womanhood.”










10. Based on Bennet’s DMIS, what stage of intercultural sensitivity are you at? In 1-3 paragraphs, explain your answer by giving an overview of your intercultural experiences:

Date due:
J. Literature Understanding
The article highlights three cases of people trying to convert others. First, the missionaries, politically, religiously or economically affiliated chose to introduce their beliefs on others, in a conviction that they being like them were better. Secondly, the concept of “Melting pot” in the United States whereby people only believe they can understand others if they are similar to them. Thirdly, is the increased cases of hate crimes and killing of persons perceived not like others. In my culture, the concept of being a Christian is highly regarded and cherished. For those who term themselves as atheists and non-religious, they are observed as immoral and ungodly people and in most cases, witnessing is done to them to push them to become Christians.
I have objectively studied two cultures namely, the African American history where I study about their origin from...
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