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Do We Need to Understand Business Etiquette? (Essay Sample)

This should be an argumentative essay. First, I want to show different business etiquette and culture between America (Western culture) and Korea (Asia culture). I need to explain why understanding other cultures and etiquette in business is important (for Westerners). I also need a counter-argument and refutation before I have a conclusion. My outline would be 1. Introduction -Hook or issue proposal -Is understanding etiquette and other cultures important? -Thesis: Understanding other cultures and etiquette in business is very important in the era of globalization because it can maximize the potential of any business through the favorable presentation of people. 2. Body - Explain and Compare Korean (Asia) culture and Western culture. - Explain contemporary Western business etiquette : Based on American ideals of individualism and self-reliance. - Asia culture is based on Confucianism. Ex) The notion of kibun (literally translated as pride or state of mind) 3. Counterargument / refutation -Counterargument : Negative opinion about understanding global etiquette. (show examples) -Refutation : Reemphasize the importance of etiquette to be successful in Asian countries 4. Conclusion source..
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Do We Need to Understand Business Etiquette?
Business Etiquette is concerned with the way one carries out his or her business linking other businesses and their customers while being respectful and considerate to them always. Customers depend upon the business person or dealer for proficiency and information, therefore a dealer needs to be of great assistance by acting in great decency and be reliable (Brody & Pachter, 67). Civility and politeness is important in a business situation whether you are talking on phone or dealing with a client and members of staff on word of mouth.Etiquette includes serving your customers without keeping them waiting.
The places of work in America has different kinds of employees or workers who originate from different cultures and that is why it is important that everyone gets to be well acquainted with each culture so as to get rid of misunderstanding by ensuring fruitful communication. As you move from one culture to the other, you find that people think in different ways and out of this it are easy for these people to have conflicts when brought together in a job or business circumstance.Skirmishes and miscalculations can result to very undesirable work upshot (Fox, 41). People can get annoyed and pull outthe minute the clashes have developed. Miscommunication can really be discouraging at the place of work since it makes people not to perform well at times when they get heated or when they choose to take out. Misunderstanding has been quite common among some people dealing in business hence reducing the efficiency of work in those businesses (Roberts, 59).
Any kind of business will come up with a mission during its initiation and establishment; however, these missions that are normally formulated are only effective and can be implemented when the people in the business relate well through communicating with each other well and understanding each other. Wi...
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