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Read and respond in two sections.Two kind. Literature & Language Essay (Essay Sample)


Read and respond In two sections
t. Tell us the name of the story and the author. Then tell us:
Does this remind you of an experience in your own childhood? If so,
HOW? USE SPECIFIC DETAILS from the storyand your own life. You can talk about a humiliating experience, a school experience, a childhood birthday experience. a lesson experience, a family experience.
Typed. MLA format.
Tell us something about the main character
Tell us something about the authors style
Is it a first or second or third person narrative
What kind of dialogue , if so how would you describe it
Is there any mysterious element to the story or something implied ?
How does your author achieve this
You may use a quote as back up to cite properly


Student Name
Professor Name
Two Kinds
The name of the story is Two Kinds. This short story belongs to the book The JOY Luck Club by Amy Tan. This book was originally published in 1989, and the short story sheds light on the life of Jing-mei (June) Woo. This character reminds me of my childhood. Just like Jing-mei Woo, my mother had high expectations with me. She wanted me to score well in the class and to show excellent performance in extracurricular activities. 

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