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Tulsa Reparations- A Horrible Incident In American History (Essay Sample)


Having become an expert on the Tulsa Massacre, you are a member of the commission and must take a recommendation on whether or not to issue reparations and what those reparations would look like. The eassy will have a well-developed introduction that leads up to your position. The body of the eassy will contain PIE organized paragraphs that offer reasons and evidence for your position. At the same time, you will need to address some of the counter-arguments. In your conclusion you will restate your position and broaden back out to the larger issues. Eassy must be four pages.
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Social injustices have over the years been condemned through the need for reparations whereby, victims have been paid huge sums of money by other governments in order to create harmony and move forward. Some minority ethnic groups such as African Americans who suffered from forced slavery and other social injustices have over the years been compensated some money from the British government as a way of saying sorry for the kind of treatment they received. The USA first black president, Barack Obama in his 2008 rally declared his confidence that the war on racial oppression had been won and it’s only left for the past and the United States of America is a post-racial community, however, past events, as well as recent occurrences, lead us to a different conclusion. For a better understanding of the dynamics of the black oppression, not just under the slavery but in the post-reconstruction era when the black community had full rights and citizenship in theory but still the blacks were subjected to racist terrorism and destruction. The Tulsa race riot in 1921 epitomized this and African Americans deserve to be repatriated for their sufferings.
Tulsa race massacre is believed to be one of the most horrible incidences in American history. It was able to change the course of American history creating a mirror of African American views on white supremacy. Tulsa reparation is important for many reasons first, its goal is to remedy for the ugliest civil rights violation of our country. Calling back the events of the race outbreak in 1921 at Tulsa has continued haunting the Oklahomans till today. Before 1921, Tulsa was like any other modern city with a population of over a hundred thousand. Greenwood District was a neighborhood where most of the African American lived with several businesses owned by the community, however, for18 hours on May 31 and June 1, 1921, Tulsa was purged into chaos, the whites started to vent their rage at African Americans in general.
What a better way to approach the question of reparations for slavery if not by supporting the Tulsa reparations. This might serve as a model of a new and legally successful way to compensate the Africa Americans injured during furious fight at the Frisco railroad tracks, a place where the organized whites with carloads of armed started shootings in the residents of black community, killed any black person that resisted or found to be armed, they continued to loot the homes and businesses were set ablaze. When the horrible events of violence ended, the whole city with the second-largest African community had been burnt to ashes. Surprisingly, in the early hours before the conflict escalated the local authorities did almost nothing to halt the chaos. In fact, after the outbreak of gunshots in the court, the Tulsa police instructed the former members of the lynch mob to get guns and shoot the blacks this according to an eyewitness. The National Guards who were supposed to protect both the blacks and whites were mobilized to only protect the white neighborhood from the nonexistent black counterattack.
Thirdly, why I push for Tulsa reparation is because for decades it has remained a wrong that remains unremedied. Evidenced by racial tension in the Tulsa city in 1921 destroyed so many black life, despite circumstantial evidence by various renown physi

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