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Gatsby Does Not Truly Love Daisy: Synopsis/Introduction (Essay Sample)


Hi, my professor requires me to watch the Great Gatzby first, then write a 5 paragraphs essay(include the introduction and the conclusion)
And I prefer the first argument is demonstrate that gatzby treat Daisy like a stuff, and chase Daisy just because he want to win Tom.
Second argument , Gatzby like daisy because she is a girl from upper class, not because Gatzby truly love her.
The third argument, at the end, Gatzby found that everything is just his dream, and daisy did not love him, and he did not love daisy

Instructors’ Name:
Gatsby Does Not Truly Love Daisy
The novel "The Great Gatsby" by F. Scott Fitzgerald revolves around a young man called Nick Caraway, who traveled to the New York from Minnesota for a business trip in the summer of 1922. As the novel unfolds, Nick hired an apartment in West Egg district, an area full of people who got rich recently and have connections to people who have enriched and established themselves. The people living here have an extravagant kind of lives and like showing off their luxurious type of lifestyle. Jay Gatsby is a man of an unknown origin, who lives next to Nick. Gatsby hosts many parties so as to attract the neighboring inhabitants. Nick is a Yale University graduate and therefore has many connections to the East Egg, an area that has developed from its upper-class environment. Daisy Buchanan is Nick's cousin. Tom was a classmate of Nick back in Yale and a husband to Daisy. Tom is an adulterer who is seeing Myrtle, a middle-class woman whose husband Wilson operates a modest garage and gas station. One evening, Nick organized for dinner at East Egg with the two, where Nick met Jordan Barker and began a romantic relationship with her. As time goes by Nick got an invitation to Gatsby party, which usually takes place during Saturdays to attract the attention of Dais, a lady she had met earlier while he was still in the army and he still loves her. At Gatsby house, Nick meets Jordan Baker in one of the parties and also got an opportunity to meet with Gatsby himself. Gatsby is a young man who got a killer smile and a good English accent that attracts people. Gatsby and Daisy's affair grows fonder as the story unfolds. As Tony discovers about his wife's affair with Gatsby, also Wilsons learns of Myrtle's secret affair, but he does not know who the man is. The story ends in a somber mood when Daisy hit and a killed Wilson's wife with a car and sped off as she was driving from a drinking spree with Gatsby in his vehicle. In a revenge mission, Wilson's learns through Tony that Gatsby was the owner of the car, he storms at his Gatsby’s house and shoots him then turns the gun on himself. Nick is left alone to plan Gatsby, as Tom and Daisy leave for a Trip as the story ends.
The book addresses multiple themes such as society and class, love, visions of America, wealth, dissatisfaction, marriage, morality, lies and deceit, compassion and forgiveness, education as well as isolation. However, the theme of love is strongly manifested and underpinned by other supporting themes throughout the novel. For instance, in the relationship between Gatsby and Daisy, Gatsby treats Daisy like stuff, and chase her just because he wants to win Tom. In other words, as much as Gatsby continued to claims he was still in love with Daisy, his approach to get her attention is more is driven by materialism and selfish pursuit of pleasure. T...
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