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Transforming the Medical Profession (Essay Sample)

Patch Adams saw something about the medical profession that he did not like and set out to change it. In a five paragraph essay, write about changes you would like to see in the medical profession. These changes could be about working conditions, patient care, costs, treatments, wait times, licensing, etc. I do not want any research in this essay, just your own thoughts. Thank you source..
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Transforming the Medical Profession
The world is everyday evolving on different fronts and one of the sectors that is most affected by these dynamics is the health sector and the medical sector at large. There is growing concern that the current medical solutions and practice do not effectively reflect the trends in morbidity and social issues. This therefore calls for a revamp of activities in the medical sector.
To begin with, we note that currently the organization of medicine and medical care currently reflects the fact that people are expected to suffer from one or two diseases or complications or conditions because as noted in several systems around the world, there is this idea that hospitals and health facilities are subdivided into various departments and sub-departments. This only made sense several decades ago when diseases and complications were not as much and people commonly only suffered from one or two complications at time therefore making it easy to classify, treat and take care of them by assigning them to these respective departments.
Today the situation is different, the issue of multi-morbidity is biting hard and a patient may have overlapping medical conditions and these cannot be assigned to specific departments. It therefore calls for ca...
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