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The Tramp Charlie Chaplin (Essay Sample)

Discuss the personality traits, characteristics, mannerisms, behavior patterns, and/or attitudes of the Tramp which in your opinion made him universally appealing? Double spaced and submitted in Word (doc). Maximum font: 12 T Do not list the director, the actors, the production co. etc. Answer the topic question. Points will be deducted for not following directions and instructions: 1) Writing less than two pages (minimum 5 point loss) 2) Not citing specific examples from the film to support your ideas. Details are important because it indicates you not only watched the film but studied the film in order to answer this question. 3) Errors in spelling, grammar, and syntax. Please have a full 3 pages essay on the tramp played by Charlie Chaplin, in the several films he starred in as the Tramp. source..
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The Tramp - Charlie Chaplin
The tramp was a famous character created and played by Charlie Chaplin in various short films in the early 20th century. He became endeared to many people, young and old alike due to his looks and antics that landed him into trouble all the time. The iconic character is believed to the inspiration for modern day clowns both for both his dressing and antics.
The tramp was a short man, always identified by his physical attributes that included a unique way of dressing and moustache. He was always dressed in a vest, a very tight fitting cut-away coat with its seams coming undone worn over a baggy pair of trousers for contrast. He wore a small bowler hat and kept a small moustache to depict his age. His worn-out shoes were always too big for his feet and pointed upwards at the front. He also carried a bamboo cane which he never dropped regardless of the situation he was in. Due to the poor fitting clothes, he had developed a distinct walking style that showed the discomfort he was in and his toes always pointed outwards when he walked.
The tramp was featured in short films during the ‘silent era`, when films did not have matching audio recordings. The mime character of the tramp was initially as a result of the shortcomings in film industry at that time. However, he was still notably silent in the films released just after the introduction of the sound age like City Lights and Modern Times and it became a permanent feature. The fact that he remained mime in all films made him use exaggerated gestures to express himself. He also had humorous facial expression, though they still did not accurately express his feelings. This always brought out the sense of humor in the film as he tried, often to no avail, to express a situation he was in, or to ask for assistance when he was in trouble.
One of the notable characteristic of the tramp...
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